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Radio caller’s emotional question leaves Kyle Sandilands in tears


Australian Idol judge Kyle Sandilands has been in a reflective mood of late, recently revealing he was homeless for a year and avoids alcohol because he was exposed to “ugly drinkers” as a child.

On Friday, the KIIS FM presenter broke down on live radio as he talked to a caller about his late dad and their complicated relationship.

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Kyle and Jackie O had a caller, Michael, whose father wanted to reconcile after years of estrangement.

It hit a soft spot for Kyle, who spoke about the regret and guilt he felt when his own dad passed away.

Michael mentioned that his parents separated when he was young.

Kyle Sandilands became emotional talking about his dad. Credit: Supplied

He hadn’t seen his father for a long time, but now Michael was getting married, he wondered if he should reach out and make contact.

“I’m wondering, should I let my guard down and forget about everything he did and invite him?” the caller asked.

Kyle then reflected on his own past after his dad left.

“I took my mum’s side and I tortured my dad for years,” he said.

“When he came back around, I made it as difficult as possible for him.

“I actually got off on how sad he was.”

The father-of-one then cried as he recalled his emotions when his father died.

“When he got cancer and died, I regretted not being more open to him,” Kyle revealed.

“I regretted it, and I thought, ‘What a waste of time that was, now that he’s gone’.”

Kyle Sandilands smiles as he holds his baby Otto. Credit: Instagram

“You really did make amends though (before he died),” Jackie O said.

“I know, I know, but my brother regretted it too, we both regretted it,” Kyle answered.

“Even just a few days ago we had a quick chat about it and we were like, ‘What idiots we were, what a waste of time’.

“And we could have had that with him.”

Kyle suggested that the caller “give it a go” if his mum was OK with it, adding: “You only get married once.”

That seemed to make up Michael’s mind as he said he would extend a wedding invitation to his dad.

Kyle Sandilands with baby Otto and fiancée Tegan Kynaston. Credit: Instagram

Earlier this week, Kyle told The Jess Rowe Big Talk Show that he avoided alcohol most of the time because of memories from his childhood.

He said police were called to the house on occasions when family members drank and got rowdy.

On his difficult childhood, he said that looking back it felt like he was “watching a movie … I don’t feel the feelings anymore.”

He also revealed on an episode of Australian Idol that he had been homeless for about a year as a teenager.

The confession came after a contestant shared she had been “pretty much homeless” when she was 18.

“Well you may not know this but I was homeless when I was 15 for a year,” Kyle said.

“So it’s not easy.

Kyle Sandilands looks back on his time being homeless. Credit: Seven

“Getting out of that situation and making your life matter, that’s impressive, just getting out of that situation.

“Because most people don’t.”

Surprised by Kyle’s revelation, the contestant said she “didn’t know that about you”.

Fellow judge Amy Shark agreed, adding “me neither, I don’t think any of us did”, as the other judges Meghan Trainor and Harry Connick Jr agreed.

“Maybe I don’t say it often enough,” Kyle suggested, adding that being homeless is “hard to talk about”.

“It’s not easy, you don’t want to run around saying (it),” he said.

“It’s a little bit embarrassing sometimes.”

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