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Popular Yeti products recalled over potential choking risk


Four products from popular outdoor adventure cooler brand YETI have been urgently recalled over fears a fault in the lining could create a choking risk for young children.

The recalled items are the YETI Australia YETI Hopper M20 (backpack), YETI Hopper M30 1.0 (tote), Hopper M30 2.0 (tote), YETI Sidekick Dry (gear case) products, which were sold internationally and nationwide in-store and online.

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The products feature a magnetic closure, but a defect in the faulty batch means the lining can fail and may cause the magnets to come loose, posing a choking risk to children.

“If more than one small high-powered magnet is swallowed, the ingested magnets can stick together across the walls of the intestine or other digestive tissue, which can lead to serious internal injuries and even death,” the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission warned.

The YETI gear case, backpack cooler and tote cooler products that have been recalled. Credit: YETI

The recalled products were sold between February 2, 2019 and February 3, 2023 at 420 retailers across Australia including BCF, Deus Ex Machina, Home Heat and BBQ, and Surf Culture, along with online sales made directly to customers by Yeti Australia.

The full list of impacted traders can be found here.

Customers are advised to immediately stop using their tote cooler, backpack cooler and gear case, and return their product to the place of purchase for a refund or credit or directly to YETI.

For more details, visit or contact YETI on 1800 960 859 from 8am to 5pm.

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Source: 7News