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New details emerge after Queensland father-of-two dies from snake bite


Residents in Queensland’s southeast have been warned to remain vigilant this summer following the death of a father-of-two from a snake bite at the weekend.

It’s believed the man in his 60s was attempting to relocate a brown snake at his Kensington Grove property on Saturday when he was fatally bitten.

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Paramedics were called to his home at about 10am, however, he died before they arrived.

Neighbour Michelle Vedredi told 7NEWS that the man owned pythons and “knew how to handle snakes”.

“(But) you could be a professional at anything and still have something happen to you,” she said.

Vedredi said she found an eastern brown snake in her own backyard just last week.

The man from Lockyer Valley died before paramedics arrived. Credit: 7NEWS

Darling Downs snake catcher Gunter Glaser described the incident as a “shock”.

“You wonder what the circumstances were, why he got bitten,” he told 7NEWS.

“Obviously he didn’t put a pressure bandage on.”

Glaser urged Queenslanders to exercise caution and adequately prepare themselves for the possibility of a snake bite.

“You quite often don’t feel anything. You can be bitten, and so you don’t do any first aid,” he said.

“People should always have a snake bite pressure bandage handy in those situations.

“Keeping your lawns really short, get rid of hiding places that clutter. Don’t leave stuff lying around.”

A Queensland toddler was transported to hospital after sustaining a suspected snake bite near Rockhampton. Credit: RACQ CapRescue

The warning comes as a Queensland toddler had to be flown to hospital after suffering from a suspected snake bite on Monday morning.

The two-year-old boy was playing with his dog when he told his mum that he had an injured leg. After checking over the marks on the boy, his mother applied first aid treatment for a snake bite.

The boy was transported to Rockhampton Hospital for further assessment, where he remains in a stable condition.

“It is a reminder to all about the importance of First Aid,” a CapRescue spokesperson said.

“Especially when in remote areas where help may be some distance away.”

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