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New cleaning hack using $3.90 ‘miracle’ Woolworths buy go viral: ‘So easy!’


It’s the cult cleaning buy that’s caused a stir among Woolworths shoppers, with thousands singing the praises of the supermarket’s Shine Dishwashing Powder.

The $3.90 buy has attracted headlines in recent weeks, with Aussie home owners claiming it works better than expensive dishwashing tablets more than 10 times the price.

“I never buy expensive brands. I only ever use this one,” said one user.

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Another added: “I have used both of these tables and powder it’s amazing. Better than expensive brands hands down.”

But now fans are saying that the affordable cleaning powder is useful for many other jobs around the home.

Shine Dishwashing Powder is gaining a reputation as a cult cleaning product. Credit: Mums Who Clean/Facebook

New cleaning hacks

Home owners have shared these all new hacks for Shine Dishwashing Powder:

Air fryers

“I use it to clean my air fryer basket, so good,” said one fan.

Sharing her technique, she advised: “Sprinkle the basket with the powder, then add boiling hot water and let it soak.

“Give it a scrub, rinse and done – so easy.”

Shine fans say the dishwashing powder is great for cleaning air fryers. Credit: TikTok


Another home owner said Shine powder is great to use on floors.

“Wash all my floors with this,” she wrote on the Mums Who Clean Facebook page.

“Hot water, a cap full of [Shine], a splash of Zoflora and my floors are super clean.”


One fan said she’d had great results using the Woolworths brand dishwashing powder to clean her oven.

Home owners have long praised dishwashing tablets as an inexpensive and simple way to transform dirty oven doors in no time – so it’s no surprise that dishwashing powder would work just as well.

Fans suggest rubbing the tablet or powder directly onto the glass door with a scourer, adding a little water as you go. Just don’t forget to wear gloves!

Cleaning fans have long suggested using dishwashing tablets to clean oven doors. Credit: Mums Who Clean/Facebook

Washing machines

Another home owner said she uses Shine to clean out her washing machine.

“I use it in my washing machine when doing a drum clean cycle,” she revealed.

Pots and pans

Burnt the bottom of your favourite saucepan or roasting dish?

Fans say Shine is can work miracles to lift up crust and stubborn marks.

To get results, simply sprinkle some powder into the pots and pans, add water and leave to soak overnight.

Coffee mugs

Another said she used Shine to clean stainless steel travel mugs.

“I use this to clean the stainless steel drink bottles my husband takes tea and coffee to work in,” she wrote on the Mums Who Clean Facebook group.

“Pour a little in and fill with boiling water. Let cool then rinse.”

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