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Mums are transforming their scratched-up kitchen plates with new Coles cleaning buy


A new cleaning hack using The Pink Stuff – available at Coles, Bunnings and Chemist Warehouse – is going viral on social media.

The cult cleaning buy is quickly gaining a reputation in Australia for making easy work of tough cleaning jobs, including shower screens and ovens.

WATCH ABOVE: How to overhaul your kitchen plates using The Pink Stuff

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Now, a new video shows how you can give your scratched-up and tired old plates a new lease of life in just minutes using The Pink Stuff.

TikTok user TinkTokTink revealed how she transformed her white plates – which had marks caused by knives and forks on them – using the popular cleaning paste.

Before: The TikTok user shows how The Pink Stuff can transform your scratched-up plates. Credit: TinkTokTink/TikTok

In the video, she simply picks up a bit of the product with a scourer, and then scrubs the plate.

After a quick rinse under a running tap, the plate appears to be brand new again with no marks at all.

Many TikTok users were blown away by the simple technique – and questioned whether they were even scratches in the first place.

“Wait, what?? It’s not scratches??” said one.

After: the plate looks like new again. Credit: TinkTokTink/TikTok

Added another: “Damn. Just got rid of five plates with these ‘scratches’.”

Wrote a third: “Oh, I guess I didn’t need to just replace my dishes last week then!”

One more responded: “Never seen something work so fast!”

Another said: “Doing this tonight, these scratches have always driven me mad!”

The Pink Stuff is available at Coles, Bunnings, Chemist Warehouse and online retailers. Credit: TinkTokTink/TikTok

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