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Mum who went to bed with ‘flu-like symptoms’ has legs amputated


A mother-of-two who developed flu-like symptoms was unexpectedly left fighting for her life overnight against an extremely aggressive illness which has now cost her her legs.

Julianna Bransden’s life-threatening ordeal began two days before Christmas when she first developed the symptoms.

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But it wasn’t until she went to bed on New Year’s Eve 2022, that her health battle took a massive turn for the worse.

While she had previously received medical advice to monitor her symptoms at home, husband Tim was forced to call an ambulance on January 1, 2023.

The teacher of 19 years quickly deteriorated and suffered from septic shock, two cardiac arrests and multiple organ failures.

She was placed on life support under heavy sedation.

“A diagnosis of sepsis resulting from an aggressive form of pneumonia was confirmed and we were warned that she may not survive the night,” Bransden’s family and friends wrote in a fundraiser set up to help the mother from Pembrokeshire, England.

Mum-of-two Julianna Bransden became rapidly unwell at the end of 2022, resulting in her being placed on life support for some time. Credit: Supplied

According to the GoFundMe, the pneumonia was caused by invasive Strep A and Influenza.

“(It resulted) in a level of sickness that several experienced ICU nurses said they had never seen anyone manage to recover from before.”

Almost three weeks later Bransden was taken off her ventilator and slowly began speaking again.

However as a result of the sepsis and the life-saving treatment she underwent, the mother of two had to have both her legs amputated below the knee. Her hands have also been severely damaged, and it’s expected she will also lose most of her fingers.

Brandsen is parent to 11-year-old William and 14-year-old Emilia alongside her husband Tim. Credit: Supplied

Because of this, Bransden’s life has “suddenly taken a very different path” and she requires assistance to perform basic tasks.

“Her husband has already started adapting their home, but the costs of this building project, prosthetics and other adaptive equipment are daunting,” the GoFundMe entry says.

Bransden’s family and friends say her injuries will prevent her from continuing with her current role as a teacher for the foreseeable future. However, the injuries are expected to compromise her abilities as a pianist.

She will walk again, they say, with the use of prosthetics.

“Of that we have no doubt.”

Bransden’s family and friends have praised her for her strength during this trying time. Credit: Supplied

Bransden will overcome the challenges ahead, they say, but needs help to do so.

“She is a hugely capable, positive and determined individual, whose independent “bring it on” attitude will equip her well for the trials ahead,” said family and friends on her GoFundMe.

“She has been an inspiration to so many over these past months, as she has resiliently overcome daily hurdles in her health; her smile says so much as she sends out video messages to update friends and family of her progress.

“Julianna has continued to fight significant daily battles and simply amazes us with her positive and unwavering resilience, which has been inspirational.

“Julianna is a positive, resilient and determined individual who has always worked hard, contributed much and inspired many, and we want to now support her in her journey toward recovery.”

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