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Mum shares her $10 Kmart secret for ensuring her kids’ bedroom is always clean and tidy


A mum who was sick of her kids coming home and chucking their things all over the house has come up with a $10 solution from Kmart – and it’s renter-friendly too.

Anita Birges, who runs the popular organisational and de-cluttering TikTok page Mise en Place, said she recently bought a stylish set of wall hooks from Kmart for $10.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Mum Anita Birges shares her organisational hack.

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She then put them up at her house using double-sided tape – which is easy to remove if you have a landlord who won’t let you hang new things.

“The secret to keeping your kids’ bedroom super organised is this,” Anita captioned her viral TikTok video.

“Using a $10 wall hook from Kmart. I put them on the wall and on the back of the door, and I made sure to hang them at a height that makes them easily accessible to them.”

Anita Birges shared her top organisational hack for kids. Credit: TikTok/Anita Birges
Anita said wall hooks are rental-friendly if you use double-sided tape. Credit: Instagram/Mise en Place

Finally, Anita said you should encourage your kids to hang up their coats and school bags on the hooks when they get home.

“When they come home, show them the system you put in place,” Anita said.

“Because that way, they’ll want to keep everything organised.”

Anita recommends showing your kids your system. Credit: TikTok/Anita Birges

Thousands who saw the clip were quick to thank Anita for sharing her advice, and they loved that it was suitable for rental properties too.

“Good idea. I’ve been doing something similar,” one woman wrote.

Others asked her to create an organisational system for school books and bags.

Previously, she shared how she organises kitchen cupboards. Credit: Instagram/Mise en Place
She freshened up her cupboards with Kmart file racks. Credit: Instagram/Mise en Place

This isn’t the first Kmart product Anita Birges has raved about.

In May, she shared how she freshened up her cluttered kitchen cupboards by using a file rack to neatly arrange baking trays, muffin tins and chopping boards.

“I’m going to show you one of my favourite kitchen organising hacks that is going to change your life,” Anita said on Instagram, as she tided up a client’s cupboards.

“All you need is a file holder from Kmart – it only costs $8 and it’s going to completely transform your cupboard.”

For a clutter-free shelf, she lined up the trays and chopping boards neatly in the file holder.

“TIP: If you want to make the file holder longer because you have a wider space or more trays etc, just grab two file holders and cable tie them together,” Anita said. has not received any monetary benefit from this content.

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