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Mum leaves internet disgusted over ‘gross’ wooden spoon cleaning hack: ‘Lord help me’


Forget the dishwasher, there might be a more effective way to wash your wooden spoons.

A viral TikTok has shown how you should really be cleaning the utensil – and it has everyone running to their stovetop.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: How to clean your wooden spoons.

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Kimmy’s Kreations blew everyone’s mind when she took to the platform to show the washing hack.

All you need to do the hack is a large pot, water, a hot stove and of course some grubby wooden spoons.

“I’m going to clean my wooden spoons properly, you boil some water and boom,” she said.

Jenkins was stunned as she watched Kimmy’s Kreations’ video. Credit: TikTok/@lulaboojenkins

It caused a flurry of views, gaining over 1.4 million, and sparked fellow user Lulaboo Jenkins to test out the new method.

The results speak for themselves, with Jenkins adding in her video’s caption: “Holy c*** I should have done this sooner! Lord help me this was gross.”

Before testing the hack Jenkins looks stunned as she reviews Kimmy’s Kreations’ video.

“Umm, what?” She said.

“Ok I guess we’re going to see how that goes.”

Jenkins stitched Kimmy’s Kreations video to react and try on her own. Credit: TikTok/@lulaboojenkins

Jenkins show’s her pot of water, and “old” spoons.

“I’ve had some of these for like years and now I’m very, very scared,” she said.

“These are one of my oldest ones – you can tell because there’s black tips and they’re just kind of awful.

“I’m kind of scared of what comes out.”

With the water boiling Jenkins pops in her wooden spoons.

“Guys, I’ve never thought to do this before – there must be so much grossness in it,” she said.

It isn’t specified how long you should keep your spoons in the water. Credit: TikTok/@lulaboojenkins

Following a few moments soaking in the boiling water, Jenkins removes the spoons.

She then shows her followers the water.

“Oh my God – I can’t even see the bottom anymore,” she said.

Following the spoon soak, Jenkins couldn’t see the bottom of the filthy pot. Credit: TikTok/@lulaboojenkins

Her video went viral on TikTok being viewed 48.5 million times.

Just under 16,000 people commented on the video, with many believing she was ruining the spoons.

“That will dry them out and cause (them) to crack,” one worried user wrote.

“Without the coating – that you’re boiling off – it’s likely to trap water and become mouldy,” another commented.

While a third suggested oiling them after cleaning to help keep it from cracking.

Jenkins replied: “Don’t worry, they are going to retreat with mineral oil after they are dry.”

Kimmy’s Kreations first shared the hack to her channel which went viral. Credit: TikTok/@kimmyskreations

Other commenters took a more light hearted approach, with many saying the wooden spoons were “seasoned” prior to washing.

“That’s why your food tastes so good. Now you’ve boiled out all the flavourings,” one person said.

“It’s just another way to make broth faster,” another wrote.

While a third added: “They get cleaned when I stir the boiling spaghetti.”

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