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Man’s embarrassing blunder in front of Hollywood star has internet ‘screaming, crying, throwing up’


A traveller has made a “chaotic” and “embarrassing” blunder in front of Titanic star Kate Winslet on board a flight to London.

Popular TikToker and Youtuber Chris Olsen left the internet “screaming” after he accidentally played My Heart Will Go On when seated beside the Oscar-winning actress.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Man’s ‘chaotic’ plane blunder in front of Titanic star.

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The oblivious US TikToker, who was also sitting in the wrong seat at the time, had no idea he was playing the movie theme song out loud.

“Need to start paying more attention to my surroundings because I cannot keep embarrassing myself like this,” he said in a now-viral video on TikTok.

Olsen, who was booked in the third row, unintentionally sat down in the second, next to the movie star, who was already comfortably set up in the window seat.

TikToker Chris Olsen was on a flight from Cannes to London when he accidentally sat next to the actress. Credit: Instagram

“Now, at this point, I’m ready to listen to some music, settle in, and who is on my mind but Celine Dion,” he explained to his more than 10 million followers.

“She cancelled her tour, so they were playing a bunch of her songs on the news as they talked about the cancelled tour.”

But the flyer didn’t notice his airpods were not yet connected to his phone, so “Celine starts playing out loud”.

“I’m just kind of skipping through her top hits at this moment, like, It’s All Coming Back to Me Now plays for a second, I Surrender plays for a second, My Heart Will Go On plays for a little bit,” he said.

“And this is all happening out loud, but I don’t realise it.

“But as soon as I do, I’m like, ‘Oh, pause the music’. None of it played for that long.”

Olsen shared the embarrassing encounter on TikTok. Credit: TikTok/@chris

As he scrambled to stop the music and properly connect his AirPods, Olsen said “the lady” next to him looked over.

“As if I’ve done something wrong, which I have – I’m in the wrong seat,” he said.

However, he continued to be unaware of the fact and started to think that “the lady” may just be a fan of his.

“But then I’m like, ‘No, shut up Chris’,” he explained.

“Anyway, eventually a flight attendant comes up to me, and she’s like, ‘Can I see your boarding pass?’”

Olsen shared a photo of the actress sitting in the window seat. Credit: TikTok/@chris

Olsen quickly figured out he was in the wrong seat, hopping up, apologising profusely to the flight attendant and fellow passenger before heading to the seat behind.

“But as I’m getting up to go, and I’m like saying sorry to the woman who’s in the window seat, I look at her face and I’m like, she looks familiar,” he said.

“So I’m trying to rack my brain where we’ve met before.

“Until then, from behind her, I see her pull out a script with highlighted lines.”

Olsen points to slits in the actress’s jacket that she wore to Cannes. Credit: TikTok/@chris

Soon enough, the penny dropped.

“I’m like, ‘Ok, wait, maybe I don’t recognise her from my life, perhaps an actress’,” he said.

“And as Celine Dion continues to play in my ear, I realise what is going on.

“I was sitting next to Kate Winslet, Oscar winner Kate Winslet.”

As proof, Olsen shared a photo of the actress sitting in the window seat, with her jacket hung over the back of her chair.

He then pointed out cuts in her sleeves before sharing another photo of the actress arriving in Cannes, wearing the same jacket.

“And where were we? On a flight from Cannes to London?” he said.

“And I played a second of My Heart Will Go On, best known from the Blockbuster movie ‘Titanic’, right next to her.”

He concluded the video with a scream into his pillow.

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The blunder caught the attention of more than 3.5 million viewers – with 2800 entertaining comments posted on his video.

“She definitely thought you were playing it on purpose,” one viewer wrote.

“This was so chaotic and amazing – only you Chris,” another commented.

A third fan wrote: “Screaming, crying, throwing up.”

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