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Kyle Sandilands drops alcohol confession in devastating look back at childhood


Kyle Sandilands shared the reason he avoids drinking alcohol after admitting that he was exposed as a child to “ugly” drinkers.

The Australian Idol judge looked back on his childhood where police well called to the house several times after some members of his family were intoxicated.

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“I’ve never drunk alcohol, I might have a sip of champagne at an (event) because I always thought alcohol made (people) ugly,” Sandilands said on The Jess Rowe Big Talk Show.

“When everyone was drinking, the cops would show up. Dad would then throw empty milk bottles at the police car’s windscreen.”

He remarked that before chasing his dream in radio, Sandilands wanted to be a part of the police, seeing them as “heroes”.

Kyle Sandilands and baby Otto. Credit: Instagram/Kyle and Jackie O

“(The police) would arrive at our house and I would think, ‘Thank god they’re here”.

On his difficult childhood, Sandilands says that looking back it feels like he’s “watching a movie … I don’t feel the feelings anymore.”

While the radio host abstains from drinking, he shared that to let off steam, his choice was cannabis.

The 51-year-old said some friends have encouraged therapy to work through problems, however he found “weed” was both helpful and “a lot of fun”.

Kyle Sandilands speaks on Sunrise. Credit: Sunrise

On therapy and his past, Sandilands say he did not want to “open Pandora’s box and be crying and praying to the moon”.

He added that he was currently “feeling good now”.

“If I get too emotional I will just have a joint. I love weed,” he said.

“Now my focus is on being a good dad, being a good husband soon – that’s going to happen in the end of April.”

He added that his childhood was not “something I carry… it does not affect me that much”.

Kyle Sandilands smiles as he holds his baby Otto. Credit: Instagram

This comes as Sandilands said on Australian Idol Wednesday night that he was previously homeless.

“Well you may not know this but I was homeless when I was 15 for a year,” he said on the Channel 7 show.

“So it’s not easy.

“Getting out of that situation and making your life matter, that’s impressive, just getting out of that situation. Because most people don’t,” he told a contestant.

Kyle has previously shared details of his year being homeless and how it may have shaped his famous tough-love judging style.

Kyle Sandilands looks back on his time being homeless. Credit: Seven

“I don’t think I was very well educated and because I was out of home quite young, homeless at 15, I just I didn’t really know that much,” he told 7Life in January.

“So I just really was quite innocent.

And (I was always) quite a truthful person anyways, but I think when you’re bouncing around sort of unattended as a teenager you sort of get a little rigid, a little tougher, a little tough exterior.

“So I got a little bit of an attitude.”

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