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Kochie’s supermarket confession shocks viewers: ‘Hang me out to dry’


Sunrise viewers have poked fun at co-host David ‘Kochie’ Koch after he admitted to getting cucumbers and zucchinis mixed up.

Fans have been left divided with some believing the mix-up is “just sad”, while some are empathising, saying it can be “tricky”.

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Kochie and fill-in host Monique Wright were interviewing a supermarket assistant when Monique saw the perfect opportunity to call out a mix-up by Kochie.

“Do you find that people get zucchini and cucumbers mixed up?” she asked the worker.

Monique then referred to an incident where Kochie’s wife Libby had asked for help in the kitchen.

David ‘Kochie’ Koch gets mixed up at the supermarket. Credit: Sunrise

“And when Lib asked him to steam zucchini, (Kochie) steamed the cucumbers.

“Is that common? Is that common, Steve?” she asked, as an embarrassed Kochie raised his hand, admitting he made the mistake.

“I can’t say that’s too common, I haven’t come across that one before,” the store assistant said.

Kochie added, “Good on you Steve, go and hang me out to dry.”

“Sorry mate, sorry,” Steve said.

Explaining his confusion between the two green vegetables, Kochie recalled a hilarious supermarket fail.

Monique Wright and David Koch. Credit: Sunrise

“I buy the fruit and veg at my local markets each Monday night,” he began.

“I went there yesterday, they had the zucchinis and the cucumbers next to each other. I turned around and (the shop assistants) were all laughing.

David Koch and Monique Wright with chef Curtis Stone. Credit: Sunrise

‘Some are tricky’

“I said, ‘You did that deliberately didn’t you?’” the Sunrise host shared.

“I love them,” Monique laughed.

Kochie’s mix-up divided viewers, with some relating to his story while others joking it was “sad”.

“Some are tricky!!!” one comment said.

“It’s not sad. I always double check what they are by reading the signs. They look alike,” added a fellow shopper.

The Sunrise hosts speak with a supermarket worker. Credit: Sunrise

Meanwhile, one commenter said, “Oh dear me Kochie, that’s just sad.😂😂 Obviously not a home veg grower.”

“Absolutely not acceptable,” said another.

One commenter praised Monique for calling out Kochie’s mix-up, writing, “Monique is a crack up”.

Monique was filling in for host Natalie Barr who was recovering from COVID.

Monique Wright and David ‘Kochie’ Koch address Natalie Barr’s absence. Credit: Sunrise

Nat is back

On Wednesday, Natalie made her return to Brekky Central after contracting COVID following a trip to Perth.

The Sunrise host said on Wednesday she still had a sinus infection and was feeling light-headed, joking that it was “like I’ve had a couple of wines”.

Barr said she spoke with a doctor to get the all-clear to return to work, and that she was not contagious.

“How are you feeling?” co-host David ‘Kochie’ Koch asked as the show began at 5.30am.

Natalie Barr returns to Sunrise. Credit: Sunrise

“I’m good, except I’ve got a sinus infection and I’m a bit light-headed, but apart from that I’m great,” she said.

Surprised Barr had both COVID and a sinus infection, Koch asked: “What! A sinus infection as well?”

Barr responded, “Does that happen?

“But, I did a telehealth with the doctor yesterday, and he said, ‘Don’t worry you’re not contagious’.”

Sally Bowrey on Sunrise. Credit: Sunrise

WATCH IN THE VIDEO BELOW: Natalie Barr returns to Sunrise

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Newsreader Sally Bowrey joked: “Because you’re on telehealth, for us you are (contagious).”

“No, he said, don’t worry it’s all just happening in my head. What did he mean by that?” Barr said.

“Well that’s a mystery,” Koch responded.

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