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Kochie’s kitchen bungle leaves Sunrise co-host Natalie Barr stunned: ‘How do you get this on?’


David “Kochie” Koch found himself stuck in a tricky situation, live on air, after trying to help guest chef Michael Weldon in the kitchen.

The Sunrise team was being taught how to make meatballs and, for good hygiene, Kochie thought it best to put a glove on to prepare the food.

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While this is something that should be so simple, the TV star struggled to get his glove on correctly, leaving co-host Natalie Barr in stitches.

The dish was a part of the show’s Coles What’s for Dinner segment with Michael, which involves easy and cheap 15-minute dishes.

When Michael shared that meatballs were on the menu, Kochie was thrilled, sharing the dish is one of his favourites.

David Koch and Natalie Barr. Credit: Sunrise

Trying to make the preparation as quick as possible, Nat offered for Kochie to assist Michael in mixing the ingredients, prompting Kochie to reach for a glove.

“Kochie can do that, he’s the resident chef in the building,” Nat said, before looking over to see her colleague struggling.

“How do you get this on?” he asked.

Kochie attempts to put his glove on. Credit: Sunrise

“He’s going to take half an hour to actually get the glove on,” she said laughing.

Realising it was a lost cause, Kochie gave up, going on to roll the meatballs with the glove awkwardly halfway on his hand.

“Kochie you can roll them,” Michael said, as Kochie assured he was up for the task.

Natalie Barr hides her face as Kochie attempts to put the glove on. Credit: Sunrise

Nat in stitches

Next to him, Nat was in a fit of laughter, unable to keep it together as she witnessed the presenter attempt to mix the ingredients.

“Lucky you can talk for a living,” she teased.

When it came to rolling the finished mixture, the host gave up and rolled the meatballs with one gloved hand and his bare hand.

Kochie attempts to mix up the meatballs. Credit: Sunrise

Nat could not seem to get her sentence out, with the kitchen disaster unfolding before her.

“I think having one glove…” she began, before falling into a fit of laughter.

Before she knew it, Kochie raised his gloved hand to show that his finger had completely ripped through the rubber and was sticking out.

Kochie’s finger rips through the glove. Credit: Sunrise

‘The glove thing’

”How did you do that?” she asked him.

As they finished cooking, Nat told viewers the full recipe would be shared on the Sunrise website as “the glove thing is probably putting a few people off”.

“You weirdo,” she joked.

Kochie shows Nat Barr what happened. Credit: Sunrise

Kochie added that things “didn’t go quite according to plan”.

“Sorry about him, we can’t do anything about him,” Nat joked to chef Michael.

See the full recipe for Michael’s 15-minute meatballs here.

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