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Kochie reveals all his kids had to get a job or their pocket money would be cut off


Sunrise host David “Kochie” Koch has revealed he made his children work in fast food when they reached working age, or risk having their allowance cut off.

He was speaking with co-hosts Monique Wright and Sally Bowrey following a story about a Macca’s franchisee at Chatswood in Sydney offering a $1000 signing bonus for new workers.

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“All my kids had to work at McDonald’s otherwise I’d cut their pocket money off,” Koch admitted.

“14 years and nine months – all four of them!”

“Gosh you’re tough!” Bowrey responded, clearly shocked at the revelation.

“Whether you like the food or not, it is great training for young kids,” Koch explained.

Koch recently attended the wedding of his youngest child Georgie in London.

Source: 7News