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Kmart shopper’s mind-blowing hack will change the way you use garlic forever


Calling all garlic lovers – a Kmart shopper has shared a tip on how to store and prep your own stash of the flavour-adding bulb, ready to go for your next few meals.

Posting her handy hack on Facebook group Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia, other garlic fanatics went wild over the woman’s idea.

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“We tend to go through a lot of garlic in our house – if something calls for two cloves, I’ll usually add 10,” she wrote in the post.

“I buy garlic cloves in 500g bags. This time I thought I’d blitz some up for busy nights.”

A Kmart shopper’s hack on how to store garlic. Credit: Facebook

The woman added four cups of garlic cloves and half a cup of oil to a food processor and blitzed into a paste.

“I then transferred to the Kmart ice tray, froze, and then popped them out into a freezer zip lock bag,” she said.

“One ice cube is roughly one teaspoon of crushed garlic.”

The woman said the garlic cubes can last between six and 12 months in the freezer.

“I’ve got a few cloves from last year in my freezer, but I don’t find it as potent,” she said.

A woman stores a stash of garlic using an ice cube tray from Kmart. Credit: AAP

Members of the group loved the woman’s garlic ice cubes.

“Can never have too much garlic,” said one.

“Great idea. I always have a garlic butter made up in the freezer. It’s great for slicing and putting on a steak, letting it melt, as well as making garlic bread,” wrote another.

“I totally love this hack! I too over add garlic cloves – it’s a slight addiction maybe, lol,” a third said.

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