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Kmart shopper’s ‘game-changing’ hack will transform the way you dry your clothes


A woman has discovered a “game changer” from Kmart to change the way you dry your clothes forever.

Make-up artist Kirstie Roche, from the Gold Coast, posted a video on TikTok, explaining how she has halved the time it takes to dry a load of washing.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Game-changing Kmart hack to dry your sheets

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“I have just discovered something from Kmart that I wish I knew about earlier,” she said in the video, which has attracted more than 145,000 views.

“I saw them in Kmart the other day, had no idea what they were. I Googled them and they sound amazing.”

In the video, Roche holds up a bag of Kmart Wool Dryer Balls.

The Kmart Wool Dryer balls are a ‘game-changer’ for drying your laundry. Credit: TikTok

A pack of six, available for $10 in store and online at Kmart, comes with three grey wool balls for dark clothes and three light-coloured balls for lighter fabrics.

“Basically, you pop three of them in when you’ve got your washing in the dryer,” Roche said.

“It takes half the amount of time to dry and it stops things from going into a ball, and they can dry properly.

“Like literally, my one sheet would normally be a little ball with a big wet puddle in the inside and dry on the outside, but these are a game changer.

“Has anyone else heard of them before, or am I just living under a rock?”

‘Running to Kmart’

Some people were blown away with Roche’s “discovery”, writing in the comment section of the video.

“Omg… I have that exact problem. Will give them a go,” said another.

“No idea this was a thing. Thank you,” wrote a third.

“Running to Kmart now,” one said.

Others have been using the dryer balls for years.

“Bought mine off the internet a few years ago. They also get rid of static. Love them,” wrote one.

“They are even more amazing with a drop of scented oil on them,” suggested one person.

“Mum has had them for about 20 years. She was stoked when she saw them at Kmart,” a third said.

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