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‘It’s like I’ve had a couple of wines’: Natalie Barr returns to Sunrise


Natalie Barr made her grand return to Brekky Central Wednesday morning after coming down with COVID following a trip to Perth.

The Sunrise host said she still had a sinus infection and was feeling light-headed, joking that it was “like I’ve had a couple of wines”.

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Natalie said she had spoken with a doctor to get the all-clear to return to work, and was not contagious.

“How are you feeling?” co-host David ‘Kochie’ Koch asked as the show began at 5.30am.

“I’m good, except I’ve got a sinus infection and I’m a bit light-headed, but apart from that I’m great,” she said.

Natalie Barr returns to Sunrise. Credit: Sunrise

Surprised Nat had both COVID and a sinus infection, Kochie asked: “What! A sinus infection as well?”

Nat responded, “Does that happen?

“But, I did a telehealth with the doctor yesterday, and he said, ‘Don’t worry you’re not contagious’.”

Newsreader Sally Bowrey joked: “Because you’re on telehealth, for us you are (contagious).”

Sally Bowrey on Sunrise. Credit: Sunrise

“No, he said, don’t worry it’s all just happening in my head. What did he mean by that?” Nat said.

“Well that’s a mystery,” Kochie responded.

Two hours into the brekky show, Nat provided a further health update.

“Nat is feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed,” Kochie told viewers.

Natalie Barr relates feeling lightheaded to ‘having a couple of wines’. Credit: Sunrise

“Not really,” Nat clarified, “Has anyone had head spins after COVID, is that normal?

“A bit lightheaded, but I’m just going with it – it’s like I’ve had a couple of wines whooo,” she joked.

Where’s Nat?

Nat’s return comes after she had been missing from the Channel Seven breakfast show for over a week.

Kylie Gillies filled in to present the show last week but viewers expected Barr to make her return Monday morning.

Instead, Monique Wright presented the show with Kochie, and the duo shared the reason for Barr’s prolonged absence.

“Well everyone’s been asking where’s Nat, well you may have noticed she’s been missing over the past week or so,” Kochie began.

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW: Sunrise addresses Natalie Barr’s absence

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Monique Wright and David ‘Kochie’ Koch address Natalie Barr’s absence. Credit: Sunrise

“She’s at home in isolation after testing positive for COVID.”

Monique added, “But during her time off, Nat’s been very busy, she’s been trying new recipes, she’s also been working her way through her new wardrobe doing some early spring-cleaning and organising, due to being stuck in her bedroom.

Kochie told viewers that Nat had “also cleaned out the bathroom cabinets – that’s how bored she is.

“Nat says she might start on her sock drawer today.”

Natalie Barr shares her COVID cooking. Credit: Sunrise

‘Speedy recovery’

The TV host went on to assure fans that Nat was feeling “pretty good,” attributing it to her four doses of the COVID vaccine.

“She’s fully vaccinated of course – all the four doses, her cough is virtually gone,” he said.

“We wish her a speedy recovery.”

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