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Internet baffled by spooky Kochie detail as he celebrates two decades at Sunrise


Sunrise host David Koch is celebrating 20 years with the popular morning program, but to look at him you’d hardly know he’d been on the show that long.

A TikTok video showing how Kochie has barely aged in a decade has gone viral again, with the internet baffled by the TV personality’s seemingly ageless face.

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The clip shows two photographs of Kochie side-by-side, 10 years apart.

The viral video, originally uploaded by in 2020, opens with TikTok user Swaré announcing, “David Koch is a vampire.”

“Here is a photo of David Koch earlier this year, seems pretty reasonable,” Swaré said.

“Here is a photo of David Koch 10 years ago, hmmm, looks exactly the same!

“He’s 64 by the way, or so he says.

“Still don’t believe me? Well, look up Koch Media.

“What do they make? Movies about vampires!”

Two photos taken 10 years apart show how David Koch has barely changed. Credit: TikTok/sware_music

(Note: Koch Media, a global developer of video games, has no connection to David Koch.)

Koch was initially hired by Seven as a temporary replacement for Chris Reason in 2002.

Twenty years on, he’s one of the best-known faces – and voices – on commercial television.

In February 2018, Kochie was strapped to a polygraph and took a lie detector test all in the name of good Sunrise breakfast TV content.

David Koch in 2006, left, and in 2022. Credit: Getty/Seven

“Have you have any cosmetic surgery done?” he was asked, to which he replied, “No.”

However, the machine ruled that his answer was false.

“Look at me!” Koch exclaimed.

“What have you had done?” the interviewer asked.

“I got a cap on my tooth done, I suppose!” Kochie grinned.

Left: David Koch in 2022. Right: Kochie in 2009. Credit: AAP/Getty

The seemingly ageless presenter started his media career in Adelaide as a finance journalist before moving into television.

He and his original co-host, Melissa Doyle, presented Sunrise over a period that saw viewer ratings grow until it because the leading breakfast television show in Australia.

Kochie has been co-hosting Sunrise with Natalie Barr since early 2021.

Recently, he revealed what question he was asked most often as a breakfast presenter – and his answered stunned fans.

“Kochie what time did you go to bed last night and what time did you wake up?” the narrator of a video posted to TikTok asked.

“Ooh, Sunday night 8pm,” Kochie replied.

“Woke up this morning at 3.30am.”

David Koch in 2006, left, and in 2022. Credit: Getty/Seven

Social media was stunned by the revelations, with one user calling the punishing sleep schedule “tough”.

“I seriously don’t know how you all do this,” another said.

“My heart hurts listening to those times!” a third added.

“Oh so early. That must be exhausting. The hair and make up people must perform magic!” another person chimed in.

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