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Inside the Perth home that sold for record-low: Even the agent says ‘it’s ugly’


A WA real estate agent has binned traditional sales pitches and instead delivered a raw and honest account of a fixer-upper to challenge all other fixer-upper properties.

The three bedroom, one bathroom Camillo duplex was sold in March for just $140,000, and is understood to be the cheapest home sold in Perth this year.

Camillo, in the city’s southeast, has a median house price of $351,000.

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O’Neil Real Estate agent Mark Grogan had little to work with – the run-down home did not even have a front door – so took a creative approach when putting it in front of house hunters.

“This is pretty rough folks … ‘Pretty’ is generous because it’s ugly. Rough is being polite,” Grogan said in an online listing for the home.

Mark Grogan offered up a pretty blunt assessment of this property. Credit: Supplied/O’Neill Real Estate

“’Stuffed’ makes it sound like a cuddly teddy bear … which it is not.

“’Screwed’ makes it sound like things are still attached … which they are not. Get my point?”

Grogan described the home as “airy”, due largely to the fact it was missing a front door.

“It’s been tagged up inside when it was sitting empty and so now we’ve got some paint to paint over,” he said.

“It needs a new kitchen, bathroom, doors, windows, flooring and possibly other bits and pieces too.”

The selling agent conceded the home needed a stack of work. Credit: Supplied/O’Neill Real Estate
The home sold in March for just $140,000. Credit: Supplied/O’Neill Real Estate

Pretty much the only thing working in its favour was the fact there is “brick walls, and a roof” and the agent conceded it would need a “whole lot of doing” and said “it is what is it”.

But someone clearly saw potential in the home and snapped it up for a record low in 2023.

The sale was made on March 31 and might actually prove to be a smart bit of business when you consider recent data.

Figures released Thursday showed Perth’s market jumped 1.3 per cent in May, taking the median house price in WA’s capital to $580,023.

CoreLogic research director Tim Lawless said low housing supply nationally and surging demand was driving prices up.

“With such a short supply of available housing stock, buyers are becoming more competitive and there’s an element of FOMO (fear of missing out) creeping into the market,” he said.

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Source: 7News