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‘Infuriating’ detail in new Ritz cracker boxes leaves Coles shoppers stunned


Shoppers have called out Coles supermarket over an “infuriating” detail in its new Ritz cracker boxes.

One shopper on Twitter posted a picture showing two boxes of Ritz crackers – one older box, which was 300g, and a newer box, which was 227g.

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Both boxes contain three packets of crackers, but one box appears much smaller and apparently costs more than the original.

“Coles – smaller packet, bigger price tag! Wtf!” the woman wrote in her tweet.

“Greed, not inflation.”

Shoppers have called out Coles over shrinking product sizes. Credit: Twitter

When a product is downsized, but its price stays the same, the practice is referred to as shrinkflation.

Although the tweet suggested the Ritz box was smaller and also carried a “bigger price tag”, 7Life has been unable to confirm whether the price has increased.

Another shopper posted a similar picture on a popular Facebook page, Coles Cooking Club, showing the difference between the old and new boxes of Ritz.

“Shrinkage factor. 300g down to 227g,” she wrote.

A comparison between the old and new Ritz crackers boxes. Credit: Facebook

Comments were closed by Coles administration not long after the Facebook post was made.

7Life has contacted Coles for comment.

Extremely challenging

A spokesperson from Mondelez, the company that makes Ritz crackers, told 7Life that external factors were to blame for the changes to the product.

“Due to the rising costs that many manufacturers are facing, we have made the difficult decision to adjust the recommended size of RITZ Original & Cracked Pepper,” the spokesperson said.

“This ensures we can continue to deliver the highest quality crackers our fans know and love.

“We know this will disappoint some, however, we’re committed to providing Australians the same high-quality and great tasting RITZ Crackers.

“The last few years have been extremely challenging for food manufacturers and like many, we have experienced significant supply chain challenges and absorbed rising commodity and input costs.

“We always hold product weights for as long as can, however, sometimes have to make adjustments to ensure we can continue to manufacture our snacks sustainably in this environment.”

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