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‘I’m saving $45 a week’: Woolies shoppers in frenzy over new $3.90 cleaning buy


A budget Woolworths cleaning buy is getting rave reviews from shoppers, with many claiming that it’s saving them serious money at the supermarket checkout each week.

Sharing on Facebook, Woolies customers are singing the praises of the retail giant’s Shine Dishwashing Powder.

The affordable buy costs just $3.90 for a 1kg pack, which does an impressive 50 loads in your dishwasher.

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Many fans say they no longer buy expensive dishwashing tablets — which can cost well over $40 at Woolworths — and are now using Shine on their dishes.

“Shine has changed my life — and my bank balance,” said one Facebook user. “I’m saving $45 a week on dishwashing tablets now, it’s incredible. And Shine works just as well — even better, actually.”

The product was recently shared by influencer Oh So Busy Mum on her Facebook page.

Shine Dishwashing Powder is getting rave reviews from fans. Credit: Oh So Busy Mum/Facebook

“If you’re not using this dishwasher powder from Woolworths, you’re missing out!” she wrote.

“It’s so much better than any of the expensive pods. The dishes come out clean every time and it’s only $3.90 for 1kg worth of powder.

“I’ll never use the pods again.”

Hundreds of Woolies shoppers agreed, saying it was their “best kept cleaning secret”.

“It’s the best! I’m converted. I was always a pod girl, until I was like why am I paying $20! Then this stuff just became life,” said one.

Added another: “I use this and it’s legit amazing — gets Coke residue and coffee marks off, so good.”

A third wrote: “It’s great. I also use the Woolies and Coles brand laundry liquid for $2 which is amazeballs. But it used to be $1.50 a month ago — and is now $2! Everyone has caught on and is using it.”

Dishwashing tablet prices are soaring in supermarkets. Credit: Woolworths

Said one more: “This is amazing. I will never buy pods again.”

Another responded: “Please don’t share this secret!”

Many said they were keen to ditch tablets and give the bargain buy a go.

“Wish I’d known this yesterday after buying $37 packet of pods. I’ll def give this a try!” one Facebook user said.

“Also we use the Fairy pods and I’ve noticed the plastic ‘skin’ of the pods is clogging the arms of the sprayer. So I’ll definitely give this a go!”

Another said the powder had many other cleaning uses.

“I don’t have a dishwasher and I use this!” one Facebook user said. “I use it to mop my floors, in the oven and stove top, to clean my walls. I use it for EVERYTHING!”

File image of a dishwasher. Credit: Jenny Dettrick/Getty Images

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