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‘I married a stranger I met on TikTok for fun. Friends can’t believe what happened next’


A woman who married a stranger she met on TikTok during a COVID challenge fell unexpectedly in love with her husband – and says she couldn’t be happier.

Danielle Gross, 26, jumped at the chance to tie the knot with Gunnar Michels, 26, when she saw his video asking a stranger to marry him.

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The American content creator says that, if not for the TikTok challenge, she would never have met Gunnar in real life – admitting he was not the type of person she would have approached in a social setting such as bar.

But she says she had always felt she would get married in a “silly way”, and thought the planets had aligned when Gunnar issued the marriage challenge.

After ‘selecting’ her video from among thousands of hopefuls – and then chatting for less than a week – Gunnar surprised Danielle by going to her hometown of Pittsburgh, in the US state of Pennsylvania, to propose.

Gunnar Michels and Danielle Gross who married after a TikTok challenge. Credit: SWNS

Two weeks later, the strangers took a road trip to Las Vegas in Nevada – and wed on Valentine’s Day 2021.

Gunnar and Danielle admit they had planned to divorce a week later.

But, as they got to know each other, their relationship blossomed.

In March 2021, they started travelling across America in a converted ambulance and have now settled in Pittsburgh, where they are planning to buy a home together.

“I always had the idea in my head that any way I got married it would be something silly – like Vegas,” Danielle said.

“So when I saw Gunnar’s video I thought: ‘This is the silly way.’

“I had to jump on the opportunity.”

Quickie divorce

The couple’s original plan was to get married and then apply for divorce a week after the TikTok-prompted wedding.

“But then we were chatting and thought, ‘Let’s keep talking as friends’, and then it became something more,” Danielle said.

“Gunnar and I never would have gone up to each other in a bar.

“It opened our eyes to other people.”

Gunnar, a video creator, said that, looking back, it seemed “like a story” and didn’t feel real.

“But it definitely happened,” he said.

TikTok challenge

Gunnar had the idea to find a stranger to marry him during the early peaks of COVID in January 2021.

“In the pandemic, I was looking for a way to make content and meet people,” he said.

“I came up with this idea of getting married to a stranger. It was pretty wild.

“I wasn’t seriously looking for a life partner – more to have a life experience.”

Gunnar and Danielle had planned to get divorced straight away. Credit: SWNS

He says he asked aspiring brides-to-be to make a video on why they thought they be would be a good fit.

Danielle was among thousands of strangers competing for Gunnar’s marriage challenge, and her video went viral.

“I had an army of people getting him to pick me,” she said.

The pair started chatting and FaceTimed twice before Gunnar surprised Danielle by driving to Pittsburgh – to get down on one knee.

Gunnar said: “I didn’t tell her I was coming to propose until I was on my way.”

Danielle added: “When he said he was on his way, I thought: ‘This is really happening.’

“I was shopping with my friends and then all of sudden I’m getting proposed to.”

Blossoming relationship

Gunnar met Danielle’s family that night. They were sceptical of the marriage but are now supportive of the pair.

The couple drove to Las Vegas two weeks later and tied the knot on Valentine’s Day – but were not expecting the union to last.

“It’s blossomed into a really healthy relationship as we’ve gotten to know each other,” Gunnar said.

“There was no pressure on it to work out.”

The pair has spent the past two years travelling around 50 states of America in a converted ambulance.

Their relationship bloomed and now they’re planning to buy a house together. Credit: SWNS

“It was a tiny place,” Danielle said.

“We didn’t know each other. It was a lot.

“We were forced to be comfortable.”

Gunnar added: “There was nothing to do but talk.”

The couple say their personalities “complement each other”, and Danielle says they have the same core values.

“Even though our personalities are different, deep inside we are the same,” she said.

‘Interesting concept’

The pair took a break from travelling and moved into a home in Pittsburgh in February 2023.

But both still love spontaneity.

“We could buy a house tomorrow or we could leave for Europe tomorrow,” Danielle said.

“It is something I’d suggest for others to do.

“It opened our eyes to other people.

“If you’re open minded, it’s a really interesting concept.”

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