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‘Huge blow’: Why your schooner of beer is about to get much more expensive


Aussie drinkers will be forking out more for their beers next week with another tax rise on the amber fluid set to kick in on Wednesday — and brewers warn the rapidly rising tax could soon send the price of a schooner up to $12.

The excise on draught and packaged full-strentgh beer will lift by almost 3.7 per cent on Wednesday, following an almost 4 per cent rise just six months ago, on August 1.

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Alcohol excise duty rises twice a year and is linked to the consumer price index, which this week rose to its highest level in 30 years.

The Australian Taxation Office said the excise would lead to a $2.06 tariff increase on bottles and cans of the average beer per litre, and a $1.45 tariff increase on the average keg of beer per litre.

The looming increase has sparked alarm from the Brewers Association of Australia which wrote to federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers to warn him the hike could send schooner prices as high as $12, The Daily Telegraph reported.

“People are already paying $8 a schooner in parts of Sydney – if this keeps rising like this it will be soon be surging past $12,” association CEO John Preston said.

WA could tighten the rules for regional booze sellers under a banned drinkers register program. (Daniel Munoz/AAP PHOTOS) Credit: AAP

He said it was a “huge blow” to drinkers, pubs and clubs alike.

“These are hidden tax increases which have been going up every six months for the past 20 years,” Preston wrote.

“We believe that beer drinkers are now really beginning to notice when the price of their pint, pot, schooner or slab goes up due to yet another tax increase and venues are telling us that the record increases are making it more difficult to get people back through the door.”

The Telegraph reported that the Brewers Association has asked the government to look at freezing the tax paid on beer from bottle shops and to halve the tax paid on beer sold at clubs and pubs.

The latest tax rise will kick in from Wednesday August 1.

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