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How to remove black stains from your iron in minutes with a very unlikely item


A laundry expert has unlocked the secret to removing black stains from irons – and it only takes a couple of minutes with some very unlikely household items.

Nicole, from Brisbane’s laundry brand Söka Australia, shared an Instagram video showing how to clean off the black residue from an iron plate in less than five minutes.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: How to clean your iron with these very unlikely household items

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“The black residue found on the base of an iron can be caused from a variety of substances from adhesives to burnt fabrics or even starch,” she explained in the caption on the post.

Söka Australia explain how to use Panadol and tweezers to clean your iron. Credit: Instagram

To clean it, all you need is tweezers or a metal peg, a Panadol tablet and an old cloth.

“Heat up the iron and, using the tweezers, rub the Panadol over the dark residue,” she explained.

“It will immediately melt away, then wipe with a slightly damp rag.

“Do not use a good microfibre cloth as the heat from the iron will damage the fibres.

“This is one of my most favourite things to do in the laundry!”

Before and after results of using Söka Australia’s unlikely hack. Credit: Instagram

Many said they couldn’t wait to give the trick a go.

“This is amazing! Who knew?!?” one person wrote.

Make your ‘whites white again’

Viral hacks have been changing the ways we do our laundry, such as one Aussie mum’s unlikely method for making “whites become white again”.

Sharing on a popular Facebook page, the savvy mother revealed how she used the method to bring a heavily stained white pillow cover – which was now brown – back to its original colour.

She explained that she simply boiled the item in a pot of boiling water on her stove top for 15 minutes, adding two popular supermarket buys to the mix.

Before and after: The mum’s hack turned her pillow cover white again. Credit: Facebook

“Someone recently posted how they’d boiled their cleaning cloths in a pot of water with bicarb for 15 minutes and had great results,” she wrote on the Mums Who Clean Facebook page.

“Inspired, I tried this with a very gross pillow cover …. and added some Lectric (Washing) Soda in too.

“Then machine washed in my usual linen load with powder and Napisan/Vanish Oxy, (then) line dried.

“I’m really happy with the results.”

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