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How couple are ‘happier than ever’ after girlfriend came out as a transgender man


A woman whose female partner came out as a transgender man, eight months into their relationship, says she has stuck by him – and the couple are “happier than ever”.

Sierra Kai and Mitch James, both 19, met through TikTok in October 2021, while Mitch was presenting as a lesbian.

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After hitting it off, the couple moved in together in Roswell, in the US state of New Mexico, in March 2022.

Four months later, Mitch came out to Sierra as a man – and the pair has gone from strength to strength.

He came out after Sierra prompted him to think about his gender identity as he had “never thought about it before”.

Sierra Kai and Mitch James. Credit: Sierra Kai / SWNS

“I was still trying to find myself and Sierra has always been so supportive of me,” said Mitch, a retail worker from Roswell.

“One day we were lying in bed and I just had a feeling like I’ve got to tell her.

“I told her I think I’m a guy and that was that.

“I wasn’t really scared, I was just nervous.

“I didn’t ever think she wouldn’t support me, I just really wanted to make sure I was making the right choice.”

Sierra, right, stuck with Mitch when he came out as a transgender man. Credit: Sierra Kai / SWNS

Sierra, a model, said: “When he came out it took a little bit of time for me to get the pronouns right.

“But I just exaggerated ‘him’ and ‘his’ in my sentences and I got used to it soon enough.

“I think our relationship is mostly the same.

“Nothing’s really changed – it’s almost connected us more because he had the courage to tell me and come out.

“He’s more himself now as well, and we never ever argue.”

The couple ‘met’ over FaceTime in October 2021, after following each other on TikTok.

Within weeks, Sierra had driven nine hours from her home in Arizona to visit Mitch at his home in Roswell.

The pair has been inseparable since.

Sierra and Mitch met through TikTok in October 2021. Credit: Sierra Kai / SWNS

Since Mitch began transitioning, Sierra has been supporting him however she can – telling him he is handsome and reinforcing his gender identity when he feels “low”.

“Before Mitch came out to me, I had asked him questions like, ‘Do you know who you are?’ and ‘Have you ever thought about gender before?’” she said.

“It was interesting because when I first met his family they told me that Mitch would always cut his hair and dress like a boy. But Mitch wasn’t ready to transition.

“He told me he’d never really thought about gender before because he’s just always been told he was a girl.”

Mitch with Sierra. Since Mitch came out as a transgender man, the couple has gone from strength to strength. Credit: Sierra Kai / SWNS

Although they are secure and happy within their relationship, they get their share of transphobic comments online.

Sierra said these people are “trying to get their 10 seconds of validation”, and she makes sure to defend Mitch from hateful comments.

Some of their followers were confused when Mitch began transitioning.

But the couple set out to explain the situation and educate people on how transitioning works.

Despite receiving nasty comments, the couple focuses on the “positive” ones – and they rely on each other for support.

“Sierra’s support means everything to me,” Mitch said.

“If I have a low day, she knows my love language is physical touch, so she holds me or hugs me to help.

“She reminds me of good things about myself and that I’m handsome.

“It makes me love her 10 times more.”

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