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How a NSW father came close to losing a $1 million lotto windfall


A NSW man had a scare on Monday night after he was unable to locate his $1 million winning lotto ticket.

The Dubbo West father cried on the phone to The Lott officials not long after his frantic, million-dollar search.

There were four division one wins in the Monday and Wednesday lotto draw 4264, drawn on Monday, but one of those winners came close to losing it all.

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“Would you believe I lost the ticket at first?,” he told The Lott officials on Tuesday.

“We found it, but I had everyone looking for it.”

The desperate search came to a close when the ticket was located in the first place one might have thought to look.

“As it turns out – it was in my wallet the entire time,” he said.

After a desperate search for the missing million dollar ticket, the Dubbo father found it safe inside his wallet. File image. Credit: The Lott

Lott officials said he “couldn’t help but weep for joy” on the phone, in disbelief as he discussed his plans for the eye-watering sum.

“I can’t believe it. I will share this win with my children and go on a trip with my partner,” he said.

The Dubbo man had been buying lotto tickets for years but said: “The most I’ve won is $1000.”

His ticket was purchased at the Dubbo West Post Office, and post office staff were equally stunned.

“We couldn’t believe it. We thought the news might’ve been a hoax email,” Dubbo West Post Office owner Lea Callan said.

The lucky winning numbers for draw 4264 were 10, 36, 39, 26, 16, and supplementary numbers 29 and 11.

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