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House hunters viewing property for sale gobsmacked by detail in child’s bedroom: ‘Yikes’


House hunters have been gobsmacked to spot a property for sale with a child’s bedroom wedged into a tiny bathroom – complete with a toilet.

Many have likened the ‘bedroom’ to the fictional ‘cupboard under the stairs’ in which Harry Potter lived.

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The tiny bathroom-cum-bedroom is part of a three-bed house for sale in the city of Stoke, in the UK county of Staffordshire.

An online ad for the house, being sold by real estate agent Platinum Property, caught the attention of social media users – who have compared the tiny space to Harry Potter’s cupboard.

The semi-detached home is listed on Right Move for £400,000 ($A745,000).

The ad, since removed, showed a child’s ‘bedroom’ wedged into a tiny bathroom. Credit: Kennedy News Media

But commenters suggest the current residents may be taking the term ensuite to a whole new level.

Images show a bunk bed with a TV balanced at the foot of it, wedged into the corner of a tiled room – opposite a toilet and a sink.

The Spider-Man themed room also features a frosted glass window and a shower directly next to the bed.

Platinum Property, whose website boasts that it is “honest, straight talking and what you see is what you get”, has removed the images of the bedroom after being contacted by reporters.

It means online house hunters will no longer see the shock detail.

While some compared the bedroom to Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs, others likened it to a prison cell.

“I assume the understairs cupboard was already occupied,” one said, while a second replied: “By Harry.”

The set up of the child’s ‘bedroom’ takes the meaning of ensuite to a whole new level. Credit: Kennedy News Media
The space has a Spider-Man theme. Credit: Kennedy News Media

One joked: “They made the bathroom into a room for one of the kids? I assume the understairs cupboard was already occupied.”

Another wrote: “Preparing your child for prison.”

Others questioned whether the toilet would be used by residents while the space was also being used as a bedroom.

They said: “Surely there has to be legislation that prevents children sleeping in the same room that people take a sh*t.”

A second wrote: “I’m hoping they had more than one bathroom.”

Harry Potter lived in a ‘cupboard under the stairs’. Credit: Warner Bros

The ad describes the house, which is split into two properties, as a “period property requiring modernisation whilst offering enormous potential”.

The home’s “left wing” features a porch, two reception rooms, a kitchen, utility room, WC, a bedroom and shower room.

Its “right wing” has a porch, hallway, reception room, kitchen, rear hallway, two bedrooms, “wet room” and bathroom.

The wet room is believed to be the room being used as a child’s bedroom.

According to the ad, the home also boasts a large driveway with wrought iron double gates, a carport, lawn plants, shrubs and trees and is on a highly sought-after road.

Commenters have compared the tiny space to Harry Potter’s ‘cupboard under the ‘stairs’. Credit: Warner Bros

Another house hunter pointed out that the bed may have been built over the bath because a blanket is hanging over the side covering whatever is underneath.

“Judging by the tiles, they’ve built the bed over the bath?” one said.

Others questioned why they needed to convert the bathroom into a bedroom in what seems to be such a big house.

Another said: “There’s a dining room and a living room. Why not convert the living room into a bedroom, instead of squeezing some poor kid into an ensuite?”

A third wrote: “Love that the shower still appears to be plumbed in.”

Platinum Property has declined to comment.

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