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Google Chrome to become dangerous for millions of users from next week


Google Chrome is set to become potentially dangerous for millions of users of the web browser from next week.

The new version of Google Chrome, which does not service older versions of Windows, will leave those operating systems susceptible to hackers.

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Google will be dropping support for Windows versions 7, 8/8.1 on February 7 when it rolls out its newest Chrome release.

Chrome version 110 will be the first version to require Windows 10 or later, and the move will leave behind version 109 – the last Chrome browser to support older versions of Windows.

Anyone still using those systems for which Google support is being discontinued will no longer receive security updates, software updates, or technical assistance – leaving the devices vulnerable to security threats.

No security fixes will be offered for Windows 7 from the release date but for Windows 8/8.1 Google said it will issue “critical” security fixes to Google Chrome 109 “until October 10, 2023 to ease customer transitions”.

“Critical severity issues allow an attacker to read or write arbitrary resources (including but not limited to the file system, registry, network, etc) on the underlying platform, with the user’s full privileges,” Google said.

Google Chrome users still using Windows 7 and 8/8.1. could be at risk of security threats as the internet giant drops support for the older operating systems. Credit: Getty

The cord between Chrome and these older versions of Windows was officially cut on January 10 affecting millions of people, among them more than 20,000 readers.

Google said its support was “sunsetting” and encouraged users “to move to a supported Windows version to ensure you continue to receive the latest security updates and Chrome features”.

To continue receiving new Chrome releases, users will need to upgrade to Windows 10.

Waving goodbye to Windows 7

Microsoft – the company behind Windows – pulled its own support for the earlier version of the operating system three years ago.

When Windows 7 was released in 2009, Microsoft vowed to offer 10 years of support for the system – a period which ended in 2020.

“Microsoft has discontinued Windows 7 support so that we can focus our investment on supporting newer technologies and great new experiences,” Microsoft said at the time.

Windows 7 users no longer receive security updates, software updates, or technical assistance, leaving the devices vulnerable to security threats.

Support for Windows 8 ended on January 12, 2016, and support for Windows 8.1 ended on January 10, 2023.

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