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Gold Coast mum seriously injured while protecting daughter from out-of-control car


The instincts and actions of a loving mother may have saved the life of her daughter.

But it has changed Chelsea Ferguson’s life forever.

Chelsea, who lives on the Gold Coast with her husband Matt and their four young children, was at a New Zealand shopping centre while on holiday when disaster struck.

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She and her four-year-old daughter Pipa were struck by a car.

“All I remember is looking around and seeing a car coming straight towards me,” Chelsea told Sunrise.

“Somehow I’ve managed to get Pipa out of the way and I’ve taken the full brunt of the car.”

Pipa suffered injuries to her collarbone and arm, while Chelsea’s leg was so badly broken it may need to be amputated..

Chelsea Ferguson’s leg was so badly broken it may need to be amputated, after saving her daughter’s life when they were hit by a car.
Credit: Sunrise

But the “super mum”, as Matt calls her, has no regrets.

“I honestly don’t think (Pipa) would have survived,” Chelsea said through tears.

Chelsea will undergo surgery Friday as doctors try to save her leg.

“But there is that chance it’s not going to work and they will have to amputate,” she said.

“Coming to terms with that is a huge thing. Am I ever going to chase my kids again?”

Chelsea will undergo surgery Friday as doctors try to save her leg. Credit: Sunrise
Chelsea is a mother of four from the Gold Coast. Credit: Sunrise

If she is able to keep the leg, she faces at least a year of rehabilitation.

Chelsea admits feelings of anger towards the elderly driver whose “one mistake” has “changed my life”.

Making matters worse, New Zealand-born Chelsea is not an Australian citizen.

If she comes home to Queensland for rehabilitation or further treatment, her medical bills are not covered.

“We haven’t really got any answers because she’s not a permanent resident, there’s not much that we can really claim or get. It’s sort of gonna be on our own bat, unfortunately,” Matt said.

“We’re still so unsure of what’s going to happen and how long we’re going to be over here for, so the road to recovery is just so unknown for us.”

Chelsea and Matt have set up a fundraiser and have raised more than $30,000.

“People have been amazing. Like, we didn’t obviously expect anything from anyone, especially people who don’t know us. So we’ll be forever grateful,” Chelsea said.

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Source: 7News