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Fury over man’s illegal shovel act with snake: ‘This needs to stop’


The adage “the only good snake is a dead snake” might ring true for some, but adherence to such an attitude could be costly.

That’s what Queensland authorities have warned after a man was filmed killing a snake with a shovel on the Sunshine Coast.

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Prominent local snake catcher Stuart McKenzie has posted footage of the man flinging the snake out of what appears to be a shipping container in an industrial area.

He then walks up to it and cuts it with the shovel, the footage shows.

“As professional snake catchers we have seen this sort of behaviour happen way too much over the years and it’s time to put pressure on the authorities to do something about it,” McKenzie said on social media.

“This needs to stop, and people need to be held accountable.

A man has been filmed killing a snake on the Sunshine Coast, prompting anger. Credit: Supplied

“It is illegal to kill snakes in Australia, plain and simple.”

McKenzie identified the snake as a “harmless” coastal carpet python.

He has called for anyone with information about the incident to alert authorities.

“If you choose to break the law, then you need to be held accountable,” he said.

Sunshine Coast snake catcher Stuart McKenzie has launched an impassioned plea for people not to kill snakes. Credit: Instagram

The Queensland environment department is aware of the incident, warning that anyone who kills a snake could be fined more than $14,000.

The department also warned trying to catch or kill snakes is dangerous.

“Snakes usually prefer to retreat when disturbed, but if they feel threatened they can become defensive. Most snake bites occur when people try to catch or kill the animals,” the department said in a statement.

“Snake catchers will relocate the snake to a safe place.”

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Source: 7News