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Farmer Wants a Wife star in new ordeal after ‘shock’ experience


Just weeks after being airlifted to hospital following a horse-riding accident, Farmer Wants a Wife’s Claire Saunders has had another horse-related scare.

It was first revealed that Claire had suffered an injury while riding with friends when her partner, Farmer Andrew Coleman, chatted to host Sam Armytage on the Farmer Wants a Wife reunion episode.

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Claire posted to Instagram some confronting images of her being airlifted to hospital, saying she was on the road to recovery.

She was seen on the reunion episode using crutches as she walked with a bandage around her shin.

Now, Claire has shared that she had another close call during a muster on Andrew’s farm.

Farmer Wants a Wife’s Claire Saunders had a tough day on the muster. Credit: Instagram/Claire Saunders

First, she shared video of the muster to her Instagram stories, as well as a photo of the sweat-drenched horse she had been riding.

“Yep, that’s all sweat!” the photo was captioned.

“She broke into the oats and made a real pig of herself.

“She then decided on the muster she was going to try and send me to the moon.

“What a f***ing day, I need a beer!”

Claire didn’t say if she was actually thrown off the animal, or managed to stay on.

But if she’s been in the wars of late, farm life doesn’t seem to have worn thin yet.

Claire with some of the farm animals. Credit: Instagram/Claire Saunders

Despite temperamental horses and airlift dramas, Claire also regularly posts joyful photos from her day-to-day life with Andrew on the farm.

In a recent post, she hangs out with an adorable baby lamb, giving it cuddles and kisses.

“Making the most of him being a baby and still loving me,” she captioned the post.

In another photo, she is tending to a horse, writing: “He needs an extra cuddle in the morning before work.”

That prompted a flurry of cheeky comments from fans, wondering if she was referring to the horse or Farmer Andrew.

“Are you talking about your beautiful horse or Andrew?” joked one follower.

“The horse or Andrew LOL, have a good day,” wrote another.

Farmer Wants a Wife star Andrew Coleman with Claire Saunders. Credit: Instagram

During the reunion special, Farmer Andrew said the airlift saga had only cemented his feelings about Claire.

“It was a shock initially and it reinforced those feelings that I had – and cemented those feelings, I guess,” he said.

“Sometimes it might take that sort of thing to happen to make you realise, I am in love with Claire.”

Claire ended up on crutches after a horse-riding incident. Credit: Instagram/Claire Saunders, Seven

The pair were so smitten with one another that they exited the show before the finale to begin their life together.

And fans seemed to love the couple, flooding Instagram with positive comments on how happy they appear.

“You both look so happy, he looks so smitten with ya, love that in a man, how beautiful. Can’t wait to watch your journey, please keep sharing,” one wrote.

“The change in Andrew when he met you … oh my heart,” said a second.

“So happy for you both. Great couple x,” added another.

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