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Farmer Wants a Wife couple tell of ‘really hard’ time after cameras stop rolling


Farmer Brad and Clare Hockings have lifted the lid on what really went down on their memorable 24-hour date – and the “really hard” realisation they came to after cameras stopped rolling.

While there was only so much that could be revealed on each episode of the hit Channel 7 show Farmer Wants a Wife, the couple has now filled in the blanks.

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Viewers saw Brad and Clare having one conversation in a spa – where the couple discussed moving in together and got into a disagreement when Clare wanted to move in “straight away”.

Meanwhile, Brad was thinking of a six-month timeline.

“Part of the conversation in the spa was about the moving in, so, we get it, it’s a relationship drama show, and they want the audience to think, ‘Oh god, they’re having issues already’,” Brad tells 7Life.

Clare and Brad enjoy a spa date. Credit: Seven

“But it was honestly such a nice time, and we really got so close that night, and I wish that the audience got a bit more of that night.”

“We spoke about the future and what it looked like and in a positive way,” Clare shares.

“I suppose the negative part of it wasn’t even a wobble – it was just about how soon we wanted to move in with each other,” Brad says.

Clare says: “Update – we did not wait six months”.

Laughing, the couple revealed that Clare made the move after two months – right before promotion for the show began to air on TV.

Brad and Clare during the reunion episode. Credit: Seven

And, at that point, the pair made a difficult realisation.

“Clare moved down here and then the promos start coming out,” Brad explains.

“So we couldn’t really be seen together around the community, which was really hard on Clare.”

Laughing about the process of creating the TV show, they acknowledged: “We get it though. There’s only so much they can show in one hour episodes – and it’s a relationship drama show”.

The couple shared that there were other moments between them that never made it to air.

Clare helping out on Brad’s farm. Credit: Seven

“We’re all under the one roof, so you have to live day to day and do washing, meals, and just live your normal life,” Brad says.

“That sort of stuff doesn’t stop just because you’re on a TV show.”

Clare reveals that, for her, the cameras and production side of the experience was “really eye opening”.

“I had no idea what to expect. The camera and actual production side of things were new, I obviously had no experience with any of that,” she says.

“And you know how much work goes into it, and how much they film, (compared to) what’s actually shown.”

Brad and Clare enjoy their date together. Credit: Seven

Clare admits that, as was shown in the series, she struggled to convey her feelings not only in front of Brad but producers and crew members.

“I think that was pretty evident on the show that I struggled with talking about my feelings because it’s just not something that I do in my everyday life,” she explains.

“I’m talking to Brad, but it’s not just Brad who is there. There’s people filming it, so it’s very daunting to also get your feelings in front of people.

Meanwhile, Brad says it “didn’t bother” him, and he formed a close bond with his producer, with whom he still speaks weekly.

“It was pretty easy to open up to him,” Brad says.

Farmer Brad and Clare after making the final decision. Credit: Seven

Brad acknowledges that his situation was easier than Clare’s – because he knew his own thoughts as well as those of all of the women.

“It was a bit easier for me because it was me trying to work out who I was … better suited to,” he says.

“Whereas for Clare and the other girls, it was, ‘Hold on. I don’t know what he’s thinking. Are we gonna end up together?’ (because) there was more than the one girl,” he says.

As for what the future holds, the couple is on the same page with being “ready to settle down and start a family and get married”.

“We’re exploring what the future looks like for us,” Brad says.

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