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Family discovers deadly threat lurking in back garden: ‘That’s wild’


A Sydney family has made the “wild” discovery of more than 110 hatched eggs belonging to one of Australia’s most venomous snake species hidden in their garden.

Animal handling and conservation service Wild Conservation was called to the Bringelly home in southwest Sydney last week after a family’s toddler found a baby venomous snake.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Three monster snakes fall through family’s ceiling.

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The Wild Conservation team thought it would be a regular call out for a snake nest but were shocked when this trip “turned out a little different”.

Nestled in the back garden were about eight eastern brown snake nests with more than 110 hatched eggs.

About seven to 10 hatchling eastern brown snakes were found in the family’s front garden last month and then last week their two-year-old son found a snake inside the home, prompting the call-out.

“Wild were on the job this afternoon and after some digging found 110 hatched eastern brown snake eggs likely from multiple females over several years indicating a communal, or at least annual nesting site,” Wild Conservation shared online.

More than 110 eastern brown snake hatched eggs were found in the Sydney garden. Credit: Facebook/Wild Conservation
Three snakes were relocated from the garden. Credit: Facebook/Wildlife Conservation

The first baby brown showed itself after the crew started to dig around before a three-feet long red bellied black snake “shot out” from underneath a slab they lifted.

Another two-foot long eastern brown snake was spotted slithering at full speed from under the slab.

“The two larger snakes may have been feeding on the newly hatched Eastern Browns or just hanging out in this obviously prime location,” they said.

“Now, that’s wild.”

The Wild team relocated the three snakes and are set to return to help the family check under the other slabs for any other unwanted surprises.

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