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Driver’s stomach-churning discovery in car: ‘Hasn’t moved in months’


Every day, a motorist from Toronto, Canada, would pull into their underground parking spot in their apartment building, next to a Pontiac that hadn’t been moved for months.

The driver always thought the car had seat covers with interesting patterns.

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But one day, upon peering into the apparently abandoned vehicle for a closer look, they were shocked at what they discovered.

And you’ll never be able to unsee it.

“Car parked in spot next to mine, hasn’t moved in months,” the driver wrote in a post on a popular Reddit channel.

“I thought they had some funky upholstery covers…”

A Reddit user posted a photo of a car covered in mould. Credit: Reddit

It turns out the car seats, seatbelts and steering wheel were all covered in mould.

“Oh gross,” said one in the comments section.

“Imagine the smell – yuck,” said another.

“Oh man, that’s nasty,” a third wrote.

“The car belongs to the mould now,” said a fourth.

Some people started coming up with theories around the car.

“My bet is there is a body in the trunk,” one suggested.

“I don’t think parked is the word, either abandoned or the owner died,” another wrote.

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