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Detail in Kochie portrait sparks cheeky dig from Sunrise co-host


Sunrise host David “Kochie” Koch is one of the subjects in a new art exhibition in Adelaide raising money for the childhood cancer association.

There was a detail in the spot-on portrait that host Natalie Barr could not help but point out, sparking laughter from the Sunrise crew.

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“A new art exhibition has opened in Adelaide celebrating the iconic people, places and products of South Australia,” newsreader Sally Bowrey said.

“Subjects include Maggie Beer, Jimmy Barnes and Julia Gillard.

“The exhibition also features someone near and dear to us: The man of teal will be on display in the gallery helping to raise money for the childhood cancer association.”

David Koch imitates his new portrait. Credit: Sunrise

On the screen, the new portrait of Kochie appeared, rocking his signature Port Adeliade AFL jersey underneath what appears to be a suit.

In the portrait, the figure of the Sunrise host stands in front of a telephone booth.

As Sally read out the news, Kochie mimicked his pose, grabbing his blazer in the same way and gazed down the barrel of the camera.

“Your portrait is going to be auctioned off online. The project comes from Adelaide’s sports presenter Mark Soderstrom,” Sally said.

Sally Bowrey shares the news. Credit: Sunrise

“Nice seeing what he has done there, that’s really good,” Kochie added.

“What was your motivation when you were posing?” Sally asked.

“What were you channelling there, I wonder?”

“Hang on,” Natalie said, “I can tell because the mouth is open, so you obviously weren’t shutting up when you were posing”.

Natalie Barr laughs at the small detail in Kochie’s portrait. Credit: Sunrise

Natalie’s comment sparked laughter from the rest of the Sunrise team as she added, “that is so unusual. So unusual”.

“Let’s move on thank you very much,” Kochie said as Natalie laughed on.

Much to celebrate

Along with Kochie’s portrait, there has been much to celebrate at Sunrise this week with Australia’s Commonwealth Games success and the return of presenter Edwina Bartholomew from maternity leave.

As a way to celebrate, the cast and crew came together for a special rendition of I Want It That Way, inspired by a similar scene from the US comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine earlier this week.

Sunrise producers and crew perform. Credit: Instagram

The video begins with a producer from the control room instructing the crew and cast to sing different lines from the Backstreet Boy’s song.

Each line is lip-synced by a different member of the team before it gets to the chorus and hosts David “Kochie” Koch and Natalie Barr take the lead vocals.

Behind them are members of the Commonwealth Games expert panel swaying to the music.

Last to feature was Bartholomew from the control room, performing a dramatic lip-sync of the song.

Team warm-up

The presenter returned on Monday from five months of maternity leave after welcoming her second child, a baby named Thomas.

The video was posted to Sunrise’s Instagram with the caption: “@edwina_b is back and the Commonwealth Games are on so there is no better reason to do a team warm-up.”

Sunrise sports presenter Mark Beretta commented: “That is sooo good!! What talent you guys have!”

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