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Daniel Ricciardo’s amusing interview with Kylie Minogue: ‘So bad it’s good’


Two Aussie legends met ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix last weekend for a tongue-in-cheek interview that was “so bad it was good.”

Racing star Daniel Ricciardo managed to snag a chat with songstress Kylie Minogue – and had her in stitches as he deliberately dropped some of her most famous song titles into his questions.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Daniel Ricciardo’s hilarious interview with Kylie Minogue.

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Minogue didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or cringe as Ricciardo asked her questions like: “How would you handle an F1 car around here – would you be left Spinning Around?”

The chat, posted to Red Bull Racing’s YouTube account, got more and more ridiculous as it went along.

“I have been really excited to meet you today. Legitimately, Just Can’t Get You Out Of My Head,” Ricciardo began.

“I Was Gonna Cancel, but On A Night Like This, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”

Kylie Minogue cracks up during an interview with Daniel Ricciardo. Credit: YouTube/Red Bull Racing

Minogue’s snicker turned into a guffawing laugh as Ricciardo grinned his way through a list of questions.

When asked what she was up to in Monaco, she joked: “I’ve been going Slow,” referring to her hit 2003 song.

“If you Put Yourself In My Place, how would you …” Ricciardo began, before Minogue burst out laughing again.

“Coming to Monaco, compared to other Grand Prix, does it feel like a Step Back In Time?”

Ricciardo then joked that the interview was “so bad that it’s good”.

Finally, he asked Minogue: “In Your Eyes, who’s going to win the Grand Prix tomorrow?”

Neither Kylie Minogue or Daniel Ricciardo could keep a straight face. Credit: YouTube/Red Bull Racing

That was one of the few questions that Ricciardo managed to get a solid response from other than laughter.

“Um …. Max,” she answered (presumably meaning Max Verstappen, who did indeed go on to win).

Wrapping up the interview, Ricciardo finished with, “Well, you’d better go now … because Your Disco Needs You!”

“Hope that was entertaining,” he said, facing the camera.

“Kylie didn’t punch me in the face, so it was a success!”

Kylie laughs at a Daniel Ricciardo question. Credit: YouTube/Red Bull Racing

Minogue was actually in Monaco celebrating her 55th birthday, which was on Sunday.

She recently debuted her new single, Padam Padam, on an episode of American Idol.

It’s the first single from her upcoming album Tension, due out on September 22.

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