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Controversial chain where staff insult customers suddenly close stores: ‘Worst service in the world’


Controversial restaurant Karen’s Diner, where patrons pay for staff to insult them, has suddenly closed three of its stores nationwide.

Venues were closed in Melbourne, Perth and the Gold Coast, leaving only three locations open – one each in Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Karen’s Diner closes three stores.

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The restaurant chain shared the news on its social media.

“Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and Karen can’t stay forever,” it said.

“Today marks the closing of some of our Australian pop-up stores.

“If your local pop-up store has closed, there will be a Karen’s Diner On Tour coming to your city this September.

“Karen can’t stay away and needs to give you a piece of her mind.”

Karen’s Diner has suddenly shut three of its locations nationwide. Credit: 7NEWS

The restaurant’s namesake was drawn from the notorious ‘Karen’ stereotype of people who are rude to hospitality and retail staff.

“We pride ourselves on having the worst service in the world,” the restaurant’s social media bio reads.

Karen’s Diner has been forced to make a number of apologies to customers over the years, after the staff were accused of taking the gimmick too far.

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Source: 7News