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Community ‘disgusted’ as hoons destroy soccer pitch in midnight rampage


Two hoons have sparked fury in Melbourne’s north after a midnight rampage destroyed a local soccer pitch.

The 10-minute spree will cost thousands to repair but a swift police response means the teen drivers will be held to account.

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The hoons came with a motive on Friday night and followed through, tearing up the grounds at Wallace Reserve in Glenroy just after midnight.

And neighbouring residents were appalled.

“It’s terrible. It’s disgusting,” one resident told 7NEWS.

Hoons have had their cars impounded after ripping up a local football ground in Glenroy. Credit: Seven

And another resident said: “It was like watching a movie and it was just horrible.”

What the drivers hadn’t accounted for, however, was the police turning up just in time.

The police arrested the drivers and impounded two Toyota utes.

“That was the highlight because I said at the end (of the rampage), ‘Where’s the police?’. And they were just straight up the street and the (hoons) had nowhere to go,” the resident said.

The local soccer club was left devastated.

“All they’re doing is ripping up the ground and getting enjoyment (out of it). But what it costs us is … money,” John Saliba from Glenroy Lions FC said.

Locals have been asking Merri-Bek Council for some time to install better security measures to stop hoons from gaining access to playing field.

So far those please gave fallen on deaf ears.

The council says temporary measures are in place to close off the reserve before repairs take place.

“If we get a high fence around the area, that’s the best thing for us,” Saliba said.

An 18 year old from Coburg and a 19 year old from Hadfield are facing a swag of charges, including criminal damage, trespassing, and dangerous driving.

The drivers will also have to pay almost $900 for towing costs.

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Source: 7News