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Channel 7 reporter blasts Sydney as Adelaide comes after New Year’s Test


South Australia has thrown its hat in the ring for Sydney’s weather-cursed New Year’s Test, and Adelaide-based Channel 7 reporter Rosie Barnett believes there is a compelling case for the move to happen.

“We are coming for you for, Beretts (Mark Beretta),” Barnett warned the sports commentator and the Sydney-based Sunrise team on Friday morning.

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“It has been reported that Adelaide is looking at snatching away that New Year’s Test from Sydney,” Barnett boldly declared.

“Senior cricket sources have told us that Peter Malinauskas, our premier, as well as the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) have taken their bid all the way to Cricket Australia.

“It really comes as no surprise for us here (in Adelaide).

Channel 7 reporter Rosie Barnett believes Adelaide should take over Sydney’s weather-cursed New Year’s Test. Credit: Sunrise

“(Sports) fans love their cricket here and we have the numbers to show it.”

In December, nearly 87,000 people came to the day-night Test at Adelaide Oval and Barnett highlighted that was more than double the turnout at the Perth Test just a week earlier.

South Australia has been aggressive recently in pitching for major events, securing the rights to host the AFL’s new Gather Round (a concept similar to the NRL’s Magic Round) just last year, and also winning the race to host the first LIV Golf tournament in Australia.

When Adelaide was declared the state of choice by the AFL for the inaugural Gather Round, Malinauskas took aim at Sydney.

“We get more people to the cricket here for a Test match at Adelaide Oval with our population in comparison to Sydney with their hordes, and footy is no different,” Malinauskas said.

“Turn on the NRL most weekends and it looks like a SANFL game, so we are going to get far bigger crowds here and that is something we’re proud of. We welcome the competition, but obviously the best team won.”

On South Australia’s latest audacious bid, SACA president Will Rayner said there was strong argument to move the Test.

“We believe SACA’s got a compelling case in front of Cricket Australia that shows that our premium product deserves premium scheduling,” he told the SMH.

Rain pours down during the third Test at the SCG. Credit: AAP

Barnett agreed but said there was one tiny little problem.

“One thing unfortunately we would be lacking though, Beretts, is that really impressive statistic you guys have over there of six out of the last seven Tests being interrupted by rain at the SCG.

“Sadly, Adelaide doesn’t have that same curse so if we were to secure (the New Year’s Test) we would unfortunately have to buck tradition and play in perfect conditions.

“So we will have to see if we can win the bid despite that.”

Berretta point out that Barnett had just taken a swipe at Perth and Sydney, but did admitted there was was “a bit behind it”.

“They do get beautiful weather in January in Adelaide, there is no doubt,” Berretta said.

“(But Rosie has just) got a bag of grenades and she’s throwing them all.”

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