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CCTV captures wild moment Queensland mum saves young boy from snake


A young Queensland boy playing within metres of a massive snake has been captured on CCTV.

His mother quickly ushered the boy away after spotting the camouflaged reptile – but viewers of the viral video found finding it no easy feat.

WATCH THE VIDEO: CCTV captures Queensland boy’s close call with snake

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Little Lucas Crisp was playing in the front yard with his dog just before 5pm on 21 September, all the while unaware of a large snake waiting nearby.

Footage of the close call went viral on TikTok when it was posted by the boy’s father Christopher Crisp nearly two months later – and the video has since been watched 17.3 million times.

The boy’s mother had a baby in her arms as CCTV captured her walking towards their front gate, before quickly stopping in her tracks as she spots the snake.

Can you spot the snake? CCTV footage of an Australian boy’s close call has left many players stumped. Credit: TikTok

She can be heard telling Lucas to get inside and the boy can be seen walking quickly towards their front door as the snake slithers in the other direction.

“Lucky Mum saw it,” Christopher wrote. “Can you see it?”

“The snake sat there for over a minute watching the dog and Lucas play in front of the yard.”

The hard-to-spot snake stumped plenty of users, with many doubting it was even in the frame.

“How the heck can we see the snake from such a distance!!!” one person wrote.

“There’s nothing there, they are kidding me, I zoomed it many times,” another wrote.

But plenty of others guessed correctly, and pointed out that the snake was behind the car next to a white bucket.

The snake was positioned behind their car, beside a bucket, until the Queensland mother spotted it and it slithered away. Credit: TikTok

Christopher posted several videos after zooming in on the CCTV footage illuminating the freaky find, and said: “I hope it doesn’t happen again.”

“Oh, I thought it was a hose,” one person wrote.

“Wow I didn’t see anything (until) this video, you have good mama-sense of danger,” another wrote.

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