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Candice Warner recalls ‘embarrassing’ drunken Ashes story: ‘Knocked myself out’


Candice Warner has shared in some special moments watching husband David make history as one of Australia’s greatest ever batters during his decorated international cricket career.

This one probably doesn’t make the highlights reel.

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Speaking on Triple M, Warner recalled a story from the 2013 away Ashes when, in her words, she had “a couple too many” of a certain drink.

“I was over at the Ashes watching Dave play, and we’d just got together then, and no one really knew we were together,” Warner said.

“So, I was sitting in the crowd not knowing what really happens at a cricket match, and over at an Ashes, they sell Pimms, which is the most delicious drink.

Candice Warner has a story to forget from the 2013 Ashes series. Credit: Getty

“And it was a hot day, and I’m a real lightweight. I had a couple too many Pimms, and I was sitting there with one of Dave’s friends, and I got up and I thought I was sweet, but I wasn’t.

“I walked out of the aisle and up towards the the ladies’ bathrooms and I didn’t realise that the grandstand was hanging over, and I absolutely head butted the grandstand in front of the Barmy Army, basically knocked myself out, fell over, got back up, sort of dusted myself off and just walked into the bathrooms and just burst out into tears.

“Everyone saw it and cheered. It was so embarrassing.”

Co-hosts Wendell Sailor and Jude Bolton could hardly believe the hilarious story.

England won the series 3-0, but had to front up again in Australia just six months later, because of the 2012 London Olympics.

Australia whitewashed England in a historic 2013/14 series.

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