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Brave dad’s bold move to save toddler from snake in hallway


A South Australian father was taken to hospital after being bitten while trying to protect his two-year-old daughter from a snake.

Jake Coombe from Tailem Bend in SA’s Murraylands told News Corp his instinct to save his toddler kicked in when he spotted something unusual moving towards her.

“She was carrying a fishing reel and I saw her drop it and run for something and I looked over and I saw something flare up at her,” Coombe said.

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“So I ran over and grabbed her, it flared up and got me.”

Coombe had just come back from a holiday and was unpacking his bags while his daughter Alba was playing in the hallway when the incident unfolded.

Jake Coombe had a rash on his leg after being bitten by a snake in SA. Credit: Facebook/News Corp

He said he didn’t realise the extent of the injury because of an adrenaline rush to remove her from danger.

“I knew there was a chance (of being bitten) but I couldn’t risk letting my daughter cop the bite.”

“I stayed overnight in hospital, luckily it was a dry bite but maybe it would have been a different story if Alba got to it – she could have picked it up and wouldn’t have got away so quickly,” he said.

“Better me than her, that’s for sure.”

Coombe’s father-in-law helped the family locate the snake which has inside their home.

The Murraylands father said living in a regional area meant spotting snakes around the property wasn’t unusual but this was a closer call than most.

“This was a shock still,” he said.

“I keep thinking about what would have happened to my daughter if I didn’t see it.”

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Source: 7News