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BIG W takes immediate action after ‘sexist’ pricing claims


BIG W has taken immediate action after a concerned customer highlighted a “sexist” pricing discrepancy between two identical items.

Sharing on Facebook, a shopper noted how Tradie gift packs for men were $4 cheaper than the Tradie gift packs for women – despite including the same items.

A photograph of a store display shows that the Tradie Drink Bottle and Body Wash set for women costs $18, while the Tradie Drink Bottle and Body Wash for men is just $14.

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“In my local BIG W yesterday and came across these, both exactly the same – just different prices,” the customer wrote on the BIG W Mums Australia page.

The post drew widespread criticism, with many questioning the “sexist” pricing strategy.

A BIG W shopper shared this photo showing the identical mens and womens products with different price tags. Credit: BIG W Mums Australia/Facebook understands that the BIG W pricing discrepancy was the result of human error.

The retailer has confirmed that both packs will now both be priced at $14. This new price has already been updated on the BIG W website.

BIG W will also be offering refunds to any customer who has already purchased the women’s Tradie pack at the inflated $18 price.

BIG W responds

“We have reviewed the products and determined there has been a pricing error on the Women’s Tradie Drink Bottle and Body Wash Gift Set,” a spokesperson told

“Both sets should have been priced the same, and both products are now correctly priced at $14 each.

“Customers who purchased the product at BIG W at $18 from 1 November 2022 onwards are eligible for a refund of the difference with proof of purchase. Please visit in store or contact our customer service team.”

After initially seeing the shopper’s Facebook post, many BIG W fans reacted angrily.

“Sexism at its finest,” said one.

Added another: “Women always pay more for beauty products because the beauty industry think we are stupid.”

Wrote one more: “That’s the pink tax for ya.”

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Source: 7News