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Behind-the-scenes Sunrise footage shows moment cat guests went ‘rogue‘


Cats were on the loose around the Sunrise set Monday morning.

For a segment to celebrate international cat day, several felines were bought into Brekky Central and while Monique Wright loved them, Natalie Barr wasn’t so sure.

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Monique went on to introduce viewers to the cats named Alfie, Leroy, Simba, Cleo and Jedi.

“This is Jedi,” Monique said holding up the sphinx cat.

“Do you remember where you’ve seen a sphinx before in a movie? Doctor Evil pet cat,” Monique asked, referring to the Austin Powers film.

Monique Wright sits with the cats. Credit: Sunrise

“He’s ugly,” Nat said.

But the other presenters jumped to the animal’s defence.

“What?” Monique said.

“Stop shaming the cat,” David “Kochie” Koch added.

David Koch and Natalie Barr. Credit: Sunrise

Nat continued, “The one with no fur is ugly look at it! It looks like a rat… a rat with a jumper”.

Monique defended Jedi, “This is Jedi who is so beautiful and cosy, they should be our therapy cats here”.

As the cameras cut to a commercial, the cats began exploring the studio and soon could not be seen.

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW: Cats run loose on Sunrise set

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Cats explore Sunrise. Credit: Sunrise

In behind-the-scenes footage shared to the Sunrise Instagram page, one of the cats was spotted wandering behind a large screen.

“When the talent goes rogue,” the caption read on the Instagram story.

In other footage, Nat appeared to come around to Jedi, cradling him and “introducing herself”.

“We are so close to owning our own Australia Zoo around here,” the caption read.

Behind the scenes

Sunrise producers and crew perform. Credit: Instagram

This behind-the-scenes footage comes after Sunrise’s Instagram shared the cast and crew recreating a special rendition of I Want It That Way, inspired by a similar scene from the US comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The video began with a producer from the control room instructing the crew and cast to sing different lines from the Backstreet Boy’s song.

Each line was lip-synced by a different member of the team before it got to the chorus and hosts David “Kochie” Koch and Natalie Barr took the lead vocals.

Behind them were members of the Commonwealth Games expert panel swaying to the music.

Behind the scenes Sunrise parody of Brooklyn 99 scene stuns fans: ‘Best thing I’ve seen in ages’ Credit: Instagram

Team warm-up

Last to feature was Edwina Bartholomew from the control room, performing a dramatic lip-sync of the song.

The presenter returned on Monday from five months of maternity leave after welcoming her second child, a baby named Thomas.

The video was posted to Sunrise’s Instagram with the caption: “@edwina_b is back and the Commonwealth Games are on so there is no better reason to do a team warm-up.”

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