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Aussies are now cleaning their toilets with tomato sauce – here’s why


It’s the viral cleaning hack that’s sweeping through Australian homes in 2023, seeing home owners use tomato sauce to tackle a range of stubborn problems.

In recent months, hundreds of social media users have taken to Facebook to show how they’ve removed black grime and residue from around bathroom taps, sinks and drains using the condiment.

It’s believed the acid in tomato sauce is what breaks down the stubborn build-up, leaving it crystal clean.

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Now one home owner has revealed the unbelievable results she achieved by cleaning her toilet with the unlikely buy.

Sharing on a popular Facebook group, the woman said she’d spent hours scrubbing with a range of big brand cleaning products – including Enjo, Koh and CLR – to remove brown stains from the bowl of her old toilet.

But it was only when she tried tomato sauce that she finally saw a transformation.

Before: The home owner had tried scrubbing with a range of chemicals, but nothing would shift the brown water stains. Credit: Mums Who Clean/Facebook

“Yep, tomato sauce is brilliant on brown water stains!” she wrote on the Mums Who Clean page.

“No scrubbing. I hung a load of washing then came back and the brown rubbed off!

“I have previously spent hours scrubbing with various chemicals and mitts to achieve this same result.”

Many Facebook users were keen to give the hack a go.

“I cannot stand the smell of tomato sauce however I’m definitely gonna try this method as it looks amazing,” said one. “Now to find stains somewhere will be difficult because we have just finished a full bathroom/toilet/laundry renovation.”

Added another: “That’s impressive. I’m gonna try it on my toilet – it’s not too bad, just some staining at the bottom appears weekly.”

After: The home owner said tomato sauce shifted the brown stains with no scrubbing at all. Credit: Mums Who Clean/Facebook

A third wrote: “I use it all the time. My husband nearly freaked out when he went to wash his hands! Oops forgot to tell him.”

Said one more: “I used it on my drains, OMG it works amazingly!”

Other Facebook users told the home owner to try Scalex – available at Bunnings – to clean the rest of her toilet, under the water line.

“Great result. Definitely use Scalex to get the remaining off,” suggested one. “Leave overnight and it will look like new.”

A Coles supermarket shopper has shared her unlikely cleaning hack. Credit: Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia/Facebook

How to clean with tomato sauce

Many home owners have achieved amazing results cleaning their bathroom drains, sinks and taps with tomato sauce.

All you have to do is put a generous amount of the sauce around the taps and leave it to work its magic.

After a few hours, give the area a gentle wipe before rinsing away the sauce and scum.

You’re then left with a sparkling clean sink area that looks brand new.

An Aussie home owner has revealed how she transformed her bathroom drains using an unlikely buy. Credit: Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia/Facebook

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