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Aussie shares ‘satisfying’ cleaning hack for transforming filthy rugs: ‘Good as new‘


An Aussie mum has shared the epic results of overhauling her rug – and cleaning enthusiasts are going wild over it.

The woman used a high-pressure hose, otherwise known as a “Gerni”, to deep clean the dirty rug, making it look brand new again.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: ‘Satisfying’ video of professional cleaners transforming dirty rug.

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Posting on the popular Facebook group Mums Who Clean, she received hundreds of comments complimenting her work.

“I thought you ladies would appreciate this,” she wrote in the now viral post.

“It’s the first time I’ve thought to Gerni my rug.

“I didn’t realise how dirty it really was!”

The picture she attached to the post showed one half “Gernied” and the other half still dirty, letting the results speak for themselves.

A mum’s half-finished rug transformation, using a high-pressure hose. Credit: Facebook

Members of the Facebook group were blown away with the results.

“Wow. Really made a big difference!” one wrote.

“I’ve been needing to clean mine for years… didn’t want to get a professional in… totally going to try this tomorrow!” another said.

“Looks like I’ve got a plan for Friday now,” said a third.

“I’ve done this before . It’s so satisfying watching all the dirt wash away,” one person commented.

‘Be careful.’

One member of the group warned those with a woollen rug to be careful when doing this hack.

“I did mine and didn’t realise the wool had to be washed and dried in a certain way,” they wrote.

“Dried as like a grey colour and stunk, I called a professional and they said they couldn’t do anything. I wrecked a $600 rug.”

Another person said to make sure to do this hack on a “super hot day” so the rug dries properly.

“Otherwise it will be left with a damp musky smell and you’ll have to Gerni it all over again,” they said.

Someone with a Persian rug had another hack to try.

“I washed my Persian rugs with a soft shampoo without too much water and then put it out flat on the porch out of direct sunlight,” they said.

“I used Sunsilk shampoo. Worked beautifully.”

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