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Aussie saved by $70 purchase after ‘normal day’ takes horror turn


A young traveller has detailed how a blissful holiday in Bali turned into her worst nightmare after she almost lost her leg in a horrific accident.

Jordon Hunt, from Sydney, was enjoying her final night out with her friend at the Indonesian tourist hotspot when they decided to hitch a ride back to their hotel with a group of foreigners they met.

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The last thing the 23-year-old recalled seeing vividly after hopping on the back of a scooter was a car hurtling towards her at full speed.

“I remember being face-to-face with this white four-wheel drive coming straight towards me,” the medical science student said.

“Then I just tightly closed my eyes as you’d expect you’d do in a dangerous situation like that.”

Jordon Hunt has detailed how her Balinese holiday led to a nightmare after an accident. Credit: Jordon Hunt

The scooter and the oncoming car, which was doing 60kph, collided.

Jordon was thrown to the ground, sustaining severe injury to her right knee and femur.

After losing consciousness, she remembered waking up on the ground in a daze.

“I woke up, looking at the sky, with the bike still across my legs,” she recalled.

“The first thing I did was wiggle my toes, thinking to myself, if I can wiggle my toes, then I’m not paralysed.”

‘Could see my kneecap’

She had taken the main impact of the fall to her knee – leaving fractures in multiple places, with her leg opening right down to the bone.

“I knew it was bad because I had a look at my knee before they were able to bandage it up,” she said.

“I could see my kneecap, which wasn’t the best experience.”

Jordon, pictured left, with a friend, before her scooter accident in Bali. Credit: Jordon Hunt/1Cover

Jordon had travelled to Bali to celebrate with her friend in 2022 after finishing her university exams.

As their holiday was coming to an end, the pair enjoyed dinner at a restaurant on their last night.

“It was just a normal day… and it was really fun,” Jordon explained.

Unexpected turn

“We had made friends with some people that lived quite close to where our hotel was, so I agreed to get a lift with them as it wasn’t going to cost us any money.

“So I got onto the back of a bike with someone and said goodbye to my friend.

“I didn’t think anything was going to happen.”

Her ride back to the hotel took a significant turn.

Jordon’s injuries after her scooter accident. Credit: Jordon Hunt/1Cover
Jordon was in an Indonesian hospital for nine days before she was able to fly back to Sydney. Credit: Jordon Hunt/1Cover

For what seemed like hours, Jordon said she found herself lying on the road, with no pain relief and little wound protection after her scooter and the car collided.

“Luckily, we had a towel which we wrapped around my knee,” she said.

“There were quite a lot of people helping me which I was very thankful for, and they were able to lift me and move me off the road to the sidewalk.”

‘Bad dream’

Eventually, she was taken to a public hospital, where she recalled waking up to what felt like a “bad dream”.

“The morning after the accident was quite alarming,” she said.

“You think to yourself, ‘I’m just going to wake up and find out it was all a bad dream’.

“You plan for these things, but you never expect them to happen.”

Jordon’s leg, left in a makeshift splint after the accident, and right, following surgery. Credit: Jordon Hunt/1Cover

The first treatment she received was not what she expected.

“They had splinted my leg, so I had one plank of wood underneath and two to the side with a bandage just holding it together,” Jordon explained.

“I’d been told I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink any water, so I was very dehydrated at that point.

“It was quite hard to communicate with everyone, especially in the public hospital.”

‘Thought I’d lose my leg’

Jordon was later moved to a private hospital where her treatment vastly improved.

“Once we got to the international hospital it was amazing,” she said.

“I got X-rays done, emergency surgery performed on my leg – I had one doctor working on my femur and one working on my knee.

“I was given my own private room where my friends could visit.

”It was great from that point. Before that my boyfriend, who had arrived from Vietnam, thought I might lose my leg.”

Jordon having a fun time in Bali before her accident. Credit: Jordon Hunt/1Cover

Her medical bill came to $48,000 – but she was fully covered after spending just $70 on her travel insurance with 1Cover.

As the news came that she was going home, Jordon felt immense relief.

“It was about the ninth day when the insurance company rang and said, ‘Okay, we’ve got you a flight’,” she said.

“I just thought, ‘Oh, thank goodness I’m going home’.”

Far from over

But her recovery was far from over as she was still unable to bend her knee, or perform much physical activity.

“I had developed quite a lot of scar tissue around my knee so I couldn’t bend it,” she said.

“It was touch and go as to whether I would have any mobility in my leg.”

Jordon recovering back at home in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Credit: Jordon Hunt/1Cover

It has been six months since the accident, but Jordon said the medical bill would have taken an emotional and financial toll if she hadn’t have had travel insurance.

She has been unable to work at her pharmacy assistant job due to her ongoing health issues – but her insurer has also provided her with loss-of-income payments.

“1Cover was able to give me $400 a week, which helped to cover my mortgage, plus doctor and physio appointments. I was really thankful for that,” she said.

Travel insurance

Jordon hopes her story will inspire every traveller to buy travel insurance in case of unexpected events, no matter where they are overseas.

“If it wasn’t for my travel insurance, I’d be out of pocket by like $50,000,” she said. has not received any monetary benefit from this content.

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