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Aussie mum’s urgent plea as bathroom sink shatters after using popular cleaning buy


An Aussie mum has revealed how her bathroom sink was left completely ruined after using a popular cleaning buy.

Sharing on a popular Facebook group, the home owner claimed her glass sink shattered into hundreds of pieces just minutes after she cleaned it with The Pink Stuff.

WATCH ABOVE: Bathroom sink shatters minutes after using The Pink Stuff

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The UK cult cleaning buy – now available at Coles, Bunnings, Chemist Warehouse and online retailers – is quickly gaining a reputation in Australia for making easy work of tough cleaning jobs, including shower screens and ovens.

Unbelievable photographs shared by the concerned mother shows how the bathroom countertop was left covered with broken glass.

The mum claimed that sink shattered moments after she cleaned it with The Pink Stuff. Credit: Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia/Facebook

In her post, the home owner asked to help in trying to work out how the incident may have occurred.

“I am not blaming [The] Pink Stuff as I have used it before to clean the same sink,” she wrote on the Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia page.

“Has anyone experienced something like this? I used The Pink Stuff to clean the bathroom glass sink.

“I applied pink stuff, rubbed gently and washed it off.

The home owner said it was ‘scary’ to see the glass sink shatter. Credit: Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia/Facebook

“And after a few minutes this happened and it was so scary to see.”

She added: “I thought it was an earthquake or something. Because It was cracking for few minutes.”

The home owner went on to say that she only used lukewarm water to clean the sink, and had not used boiling water.

The post sparked a huge response on Facebook, with hundreds weighing in on what may have caused the issue.

Some pointed out that home owners in the UK had experienced issues while cleaning glass oven doors with The Pink Stuff.

Many Facebook users were stunned by the unbelievable photos. Credit: Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia/Facebook

“Has happened to hundreds of people’s oven doors too,” one said. “Pink stuff is not a new product and it should be used cautiously!”

Added another: “In the UK, we had loads of people using pink stuff on oven glass. Once the oven heated up the glass cracked! Pink Stuff is an abrasive so it’s not actually meant to be used in area where heat is applied.”

However most agreed that it was unlikely that The Pink Stuff was to blame, adding that it was likely an issue with the glass sink itself.

“I had a completely glass sink and it exploded randomly when I was cleaning it,” said one. “Apparently if there is any imperfections in the tempered glass this can happen.”

The home owner said she’d cleaned the area with The Pink Stuff, without any issues. Credit: Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia/Facebook

Another said: “This does happen to tempered glass, it can spontaneously shatter. Maybe not from the pink stuff though.”

A third wrote: “We had a vanity like this once, that literally shattered into a million pieces – apparently it was due to a fitting being to tightly wound and put pressure on the glass.

“Thank god my crawling daughter wasn’t in the bathroom when it happened.”

One more added: “Cheap glass or a bubble in the glass has caused it to be unstable. Contact installers, as this is not caused by the paste.”

Many believed the issue happened due a fault in the sink. Credit: Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia/Facebook

Others were alarmed by the concerning incident.

“This is so shocking,” said one.

Another said: “I can’t actually believe this can happen.”

A third wrote: “I am speechless. How on earth can this happen?” has contacted The Pink Stuff for comment.

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