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Aussie motorist fails driving test over unlikely act – can you spot what’s wrong?


An Aussie motorist has revealed the simple road act that led to him failing a recent driving test.

Sharing on Reddit, the disheartened driver posted footage of himself doing the same manoeuvre on a road in Townsville, Queensland, and asked if he was “justified in feeling hard done by”.

WATCH VIDEO ABOVE: Do you think he deserved to fail his driving test?

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The video shows the driver take off from traffic lights and drive straight ahead across an intersection and into a centre lane on the opposite side of the road.

“Just failed my HR [heavy vehicle] driving test for pulling this exact manoeuvre,” he said in the Reddit post.

“Wanna know if I’m justified in feeling hard done by here.”

The driver started on one side of intersection. Credit: Reddit

While the motorist appeared to follow the correct lane across the intersection, he in fact should’ve moved into the right-hand lane.

This is because the road went from being a two-lane road to a three-lane on the other side of the intersection.

Given that the driver was in the right-hand lane when the road was two-lane only, they should’ve stayed in the right-hand lane on the other side of the road.

“Yep, I went into the middle lane as it was the lane directly in front of me but apparently I was suppose to go into the right-hand lane,” the Reddit user explained.

“He couldn’t fault a single bit of my driving apart from that and I failed because of it.

“Ruined my whole day and now it’s another month before I can take the test again all because I drove f***ing straight.”

Another Reddit user said: “Yeah, starts in the right hand lanes, finishes in the middle. That’s a lane change mid-intersection.”

The driver later added: “Before everyone says he’s right, I agree it wasn’t the correct manoeuvre. I just fail to see how that can be a ‘critical driving error’ and fail my whole test for a mistake that easy to make.

“I literally just drove in a straight line.

“Anyway I’m just having a sook because I went in on my day off just for this and I feel like I let the blokes at work down.”

While he drive in a straight line over the intersection, the instructor claimed he should’ve moved into the right-hand lane. Credit: Reddit

Many Reddit users agreed that it was an unfair decision.

“You did nothing wrong, mate. Assessor is being a c***. That’s the lane from that intersection that you’re supposed to use. Otherwise you’d have crashed into the Mazda,” said one.

Another said: “I’m with you mate. So was the car to your left. Straight is the right lane and the right lane is the wrong lane. Wear marks on the overhead suggest the same.

“Driving test people can be a**holes. A little bit of power and they think they are a god. I’ll bet you aren’t the first person the instructor has taken through this intersection.”

Some felt that the intersection should have better lane markings and signage for drivers.

“I think it’s more a case of bad road design, it’s ambiguous whether the added lane should be on the left or right (evident by you and the instructor disagreeing),” said one.

“They really should add dotted lines through the intersection to remove any doubt as to which lane goes where, in cases like this where there is a different number of lanes on each side of the intersection.”

A Google Maps view of the controversial Townsville, Queensland, intersection. Credit: Google Maps

Said one more: “As an engineer who has been involved in some road design, this is a s*** intersection. More line markings may help, but already plenty there based on the street view. Better to have a sign before showing what goes on after the intersection re: lanes.”

Others, however, believed it was a good decision to fail the driver over the error.

“While it is unfair, I would say that it is a critical driving error. Screwing up lanes can cause serious accidents,” said one.

Another wrote: “You didn’t drive in a straight line. It seems to me like you made a mistake.

“When I was doing my driving license (central European country, so what follows might not apply) my instructor specifically warned me to never change lanes in an intersection as it’s dangerous and illegal. I would expect to fail my test after such a mistake.”

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