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Aussie dad’s priceless reaction to encounter with red-bellied black snake: ‘Bugger that’


A Queensland dad’s priceless reaction to a close encounter with a red-bellied black snake has gone viral.

The father, known as Ross, was enjoying a couple of beers while camping when the venomous snake slithered towards him.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Aussie dad’s close call with red-bellied black snake.

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“Don’t move, Dad. Don’t move,” his son can be heard saying in a calm voice in the incredible footage.

“It’ll just slither past you.”

Ross stays perfectly still in his camp chair, holding onto his beer all the while.

The 10-second encounter was a great example of how to calmly avoid aggression from venomous snakes.

Ross told he didn’t hear the snake approaching as he enjoyed his VB, a day after his birthday.

But as he turns his head slightly and spots the snake, he somehow stays completely calm and follows his son’s instructions.

What impressed TikTok users don’t know, however, is Ross jumped a foot in the air right after the footage cuts off.

A Queensland dad’s priceless reaction to a close encounter with a red-bellied black snake has gone viral.  Credit: Auscamper/TikTok

“Once it was about five feet away, I got the hell out of there,” he said.

Ross said his family had been holidaying at Sundown National Park, about 200km west of Brisbane.

Everything had been “going well” on their trip, he said, when the “visitor” began to show an interest in them.

“We saw that same snake around three times,” Ross said.

“I nearly stepped on it the first time. Thank goodness I noticed.”

Red belly black snakes are capable of a venomous bite. Credit: Getty Images

A video of the incredible encounter uploaded to TikTok attracted more than 1.2 million views in three days.

“It’s been pretty cool. It’s our first video, and it went viral,” Ross said.

TikTok users were amused by the father’s calm reaction to the snake.

“Bugger that,” one person said.

“Plot twist. Dad had no intention of moving,” another added.

“Dad doesn’t give a s*** as long as it doesn’t try to pinch his beer,” a third piped in.

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