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Aussie cleaner exposes five hidden areas renters always forget to clean before moving out


Having to move out of a rental property can be punishing, particularly when it comes to passing the final inspection.

But a professional cleaner has shared five things that will need special attention if you want to secure your bond back.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Professional cleaner’s end-of-lease guide.

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Kacie Stephens, who runs The Big Clean Co in Melbourne, says there are some surprising areas that always get checked.

“Anxious about your final inspection?” Kacie said in her TikTok video.

“These are the five things property managers have ‘hawk-eyes’ for that you can complete before move out day.”

Moving out of a rental property? Pay attention to the kitchen and doors. Credit: TikTok

First off, Kacie points out that cleaning exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens is vital, as well as wiping the tops of ceiling fans – which can be done with a microfibre cloth or even a mop.

“Exhaust fans can just pull off. But sometimes, if they’re old, the clips snap easily and they won’t go back in,” she said.

Next, it’s an area that is commonly missed while many renters are more focused on vacuuming and dusting.

“Window tracks – property managers are obsessed with window tracks,” Kacie says.

She says the best way to clean window tracks is to “vacuum excess out using a small attachment, then a cloth over a grout with a brush or toothbrush”.

“And the oven, you can use a toothbrush to get into the corners.”

Professional cleaner Kacie Stephens. Credit: Kacie Stephens

Lastly, the professional cleaner says it’s important to remove and properly clean any greasy knobs on ovens or kitchen appliances.

“Greasy knobs are neglected,” she said.

The cleaner says these are the five areas she drills into her teams to address.

However, Kacie pointed out it’s surprisingly common for renters to move into a dirty home.

“And yet we clean them for a living and the standard is so incredibly high for what they need to be,” she said.

Make sure you clean the oven properly. Credit: TikTok

Her video has been viewed more than 1.1 million times, with many quick to agree that these areas are commonly missed.

“I cleaned literally everything and forgot about the oven. Was charged $45 for forgetting to clean it,” one shared.

Another said: “Our real estate agent charged us over $200 for ‘cleaners’ because of those f***ing window tracks.”

One suggested: “The door track is real. We got a professional in to do ours and the landlord complained there was a single dead fly in the garage window frame.”

Don’t forget the window tracks. Credit: TikTok

Many said they have had bad experiences with trying to get their bond money back after moving out.

“Real estate agents will still be picky even though you clean everything properly,” one said.

One person revealed: “They tried keeping my entire bond over a rouge hair on a curtain once.”

It’s not the first time Kacie has come to the rescue with her cleaning knowledge.

Oven and door knobs are crucial. Credit: TikTok

She previously quashed a viral home hack that involved mixing dishwashing liquid with vinegar to create a DIY cleaning product.

Cleaning with the two products was “pointless” because they essentially cancelled each other out when mixed, she said.

“Vinegar is a good cleaner because it’s acidic,” she shared in a clip.

“But when you add dishwashing liquid/dish soap to it (which is a base or neutral) – you neutralise the vinegar.

“You take away the very thing that makes it work well.

“The dishwashing liquid works that well on its own. Adding the vinegar is a pointless step.

“Use one or the other – not both.”

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